Tesla semi truck spy shot calif. model 3 parts look good.

Tesla semi truck spy shot calif. is this it? Looks like this is what Elon gave a tease photo of. There are a few notes to consider regarding setup etc…

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  1. Brent Taylor

    No sleeper cab needed if the truck is full self driving or autonomous. Its likely range on the truck itself is limited, and extra range will come from batteries in the trailer. The truck could leave the giga factory with a load of fully charged batteries, deliver them to Fremont, and use a small portion of the energy in the trailer along the way. Eventually, the truck would make trips to Tesla service centers where it would pick up old batteries, use what energy is left in them, and make the trip back to the Giga factory for recycling.

  2. Derek Dufon

    Just based on aesthetics, I like the looks of the carved out front headlights on the Cummins electric, but that Tesla canopy is sweet! I'm really interested in learning how this will be charged, battery swap? Multiple superchargers? and what the charging network infrastructure will be. Thanks for the vid!

  3. Carl B

    Small diameter tires may be due to it being hauled on a trailer, to comply with height restrictions of around 14'. Also there is a lot of room between the frame rails for batteries, since there is no engine or transmission. This would put this large weight low in the truck as Tesla does with it's other vehicles.

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