43 Replies to “Tesla Semi Truck News and $14M Spent on Transport Trucks”

  1. NANOC Ofocclo

    Its not a 80K load, its a total of the truck and the load=80K. So, show us the total weight of the batteries! Still waiting for that information. Truck weight + battery weight = ?? Federal weight limits are 80k for the truck and its load!

  2. Ainsley Russell

    I never hear or see comments on backing maneuver. No mirrors. Seat is in the middle of of the truck. And everyone know that mirrors and camera can't over ride what the eyes actually see. Just curious.

  3. Anthony B J

    As a truck driver my biggest worry so far is what every driver should worry about and that would be braking distance even though over 60% of all trucking accidents happen under 20 miles an hour, this could be the Killer of Tesla trucks not to mention the fuel write off at the end of the year on your taxes. I wouldn't mind having one though just wish it didn't cost so much.

  4. aneudi 08

    I carrie overweight everyday around 120,000 pound and by law I can't pass 55mph. I want to see a Tesla trying to move my trailer. And when someone drive a semi-truck don't want just speed. it's a very dangerous vehicle. The people don't understand!

  5. Jesus T

    Short range truck, more of a value for a company that sell their own product like pepsi, budwaiser ect, where they can control the drop hook and waste no time. For normal operation 500 mile range would be cut short if heater, ac is used while waiting to load, unload. I wouldn't buy one as an owner op, unless it has very big chargeable network sites available since it would be just like trying to find parking at a truckstop at 8pm. Will see how that works, maybe the diesel price will drop so much after all those electric trucks start rolling out that it will be comparable in price to fill a fuel tank to how much it cost to charge the beast's batteries.

  6. Morten Mølbjerg Lund

    Not news!
    Reservations been open since the Semi Truck reveal. It'not news, the source that originally posted this story, retracted the story.
    Go back and do your own research, you'll see multiple companies and even individuals ordering trucks, way back in 2017.

  7. CumminsSuperduty1

    Given the price of new ICE highway tractors and the price of new F450/550 diesel pickup trucks, $150 -$180K isn't bad for a BE highway tractor, especially if it saves a bunch of fuel every year and basically lasts forever.

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