Tesla Semi Truck Interior Explained

Unlike other trucks, the Semi’s cabin is designed specifically around the driver, featuring unobstructed stairs for easier entry and exit, full standing room inside, and a centered driver position for optimal visibility. Two touchscreen displays positioned symmetrically on both sides of the driver provide easy access to navigation, blind spot monitoring and electronic data logging. Built-in connectivity integrates directly with a fleet’s management system to support routing and scheduling, and remote monitoring. Diesel trucks today currently require several third party devices for similar functionality.

Megachargers, a new high-speed DC charging solution, will add about 400 miles in 30 minutes and can be installed at origin or destination points and along heavily trafficked routes, enabling recharging during loading, unloading, and driver breaks.

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31 Replies to “Tesla Semi Truck Interior Explained”

  1. Victor Suárez

    I think that's the future of the trucking industry, but as a truck driver I believe they have a long way to go, is definitely not driver focused at all and that will be a problem, cause guess what, you still need a driver.

  2. Ray Kline

    My question is when it breaks down and the computer controlled stuff does, how are you going to fix it along the Interstate or even tow it with a wrecker? Has anyone considered that yet? I know a lot of the new trucks are becoming a challenge to hook a wrecker up to nowadays.

  3. G. Private

    As a truck driver I like to sit near the window so I can look out when I'm backing up and squeezing in between two other semis at a dock. The driver seat seems to be arm's length from the window

  4. jasonman1515

    So how do you release the trailer air brakes if you don't have an air system on the truck. I guess this truck is not going to be an otr truck due to there is no sleeper cab for the driver to rest. and I'm assuming no side mirrors because why not. don't need no side mirrors to back the truck and trailer to the dock.

  5. Kevin CCIE

    HOLD ON HOLD ON – The Tesla Semi Truck Interior is basically the SAME COPY of the Walmart Advanced Vehicle Concept Truck here -> https://youtu.be/NER9X4_gtYk

    As you can see – the Walmart Turbine Electric Semi Truck was showed 3 years ago in 2014. Unfortunately, it was so expensive that it never went into production. Walmart SECRETLY went to Tesla and asked them to build a similar truck for them but fully electric. After 3 years in design behind closed doors Tesla finally released a Semi Electric Truck with the SAME INTERIOR DESIGN as the Walmart Truck that failed to come to market. SURPRISE SURPRISE – WHICH COMPANY WAS FIRST TO MAKE AN ORDER FOR TESTING????? YOU GUESSED IT – WALMART. Walmart ordered 15 Trucks from Tesla and they will extensively test these. I can bet you my balls – when Walmart is happy with the results they will order between 1000 – 3000+ trucks for their whole fleet in phases.

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