Tesla Semi Truck: How Elon Musk Blew Our Minds!

Even though the Tesla Roadster has overshadowed the Tesla Semi Truck at the Tesla Semi Truck Event ( oh, irony! ) the most amazing details about the Tesla Semi have been forgotten or at least not much talked about. However, I believe they were more mind blowing than the ones about the Tesla Roadster. Let’s talk about why and I’ll also share some of the exclusive footage from the event!

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23 Replies to “Tesla Semi Truck: How Elon Musk Blew Our Minds!”

  1. usaverageguy

    A jackknife occures when you slam on the brakes and the trailer tires loose traction. The back of the trailer slides sideways then towards the front of the rig. Just like closing a jack knife. The result is loss of control and usually the side of the trailer slams into the rear corner of the truck as well as pulling the rig into the ditch. The only way to stop the jackknife is to let off the brakes and allow the trailer tires to regain traction. I would like Tesla to explain how traction control on the truck alone will stop this event.

  2. Frank Williams

    I don’t see the auto-pilot or even the autonomy as being a problem for a long time, like 15-20 years.  The first reason is the legal issue.   As of now, you must have a person in a going vehicle by law.  This is why there was a person in the car when Tesla did it’s video demonstration of the autonomous Model S.  It will probably be a while before that law is changed.  Another thing is, who’s going to unload the truck?  Unless someone builds a humanoid robot that cost less than it costs to hire a human being to do the job, a human being will still be necessary in the trucking industry, plus inventory management and other functions that human truckers are responsible for doing. All of this is mind blowing by the way.  I didn’t think they would break the 500 miles range so soon.  I thought it would at least take another 5 years.  Wow!!

  3. Gene Phipps

    Dude…the Semi Pickup was humor–Elon was having a bit of fun with everyone who speculated that they would reveal the pickup at the Semi evemt. They are NOT making a Semi pickup.

  4. Big Dream

    From what I remember, Elon didn't make a big deal about the "megachargers," and he didn't say anything about them being available for Tesla's passenger vehicles.  Because of this, I assume that they won't be compatible with the current Models S, X, and 3.  It would be nice if they would, though.  Remember that 400 miles of range added in 1/2 hour is for a FULLY LOADED SEMI with its bazillion kWhs.  The Models 3, S, and X weigh in at 3500-5500 lbs, compared to 80,000 for the loaded semi.  If we're looking at a linear relationship, that would mean 1/2 hour of charging would get you 6000-9000 miles in your passenger car–so you'd max out your 200-300 mile range in about 1 minute!  That's too much too fast.  I bet if you were able to plug in your Tesla, it'd explode!

  5. Dave Hall

    I forgot how much third party equipment is in a cab of a truck I wonder if the truck has a printer used to install printers under rage passengers seat
    The trucks four drive wheels is a big deal google “duel axle truck differential” and the diffs a massive to get the power from the engine to the four wheels at the rear of the truck. The four motors in the drive wheels on the Tesla truck will be awesome can control the toque so it won’t jack knife

  6. Reg Aldridge

    The central location of the semi steering wheel suggests that the truck could be used in the UK and other right hand drive territories without further mechanical development except for the obvious autonomous driving software rule changes. That would seem to be a huge saving in tractor development cost and give a much quicker roll out?

  7. sven

    jackknifing for trucks is more when traveling in the wet, hard braking can cause the cab to spin around and jackknife sending the truck going backwards down the hwy out of control.

  8. Sędziwój

    About truck height, Elon explain they have different fairings (I not remember professional name) for each cargo type, so make it more efficient. So on event black one have lower, but was same truck.
    They try do one truck for all usage (they don't have money to make more types), so driver in middle = in left side move (UK) they can be use without change.
    IMHO Megachargers are not Superchargers v3, they ,I think , are multi charging in one go (as you charge 4 Model S with 100kHw in eg 1h, so it give total 400kHw in 1h, but it required multiple convectors etc)

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