Tesla Semi Truck. Electric Semi Trucks – What to expect!

Hi Truckers! Electric Semi Trucks are here and many in the industry are still questioning whether they are worthwhile. We’ve gone through the specs of the trucks, including Tesla’s Semi Truck and discuss the pro’s and cons of these new rigs.

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6 Replies to “Tesla Semi Truck. Electric Semi Trucks – What to expect!”

  1. Darwin Payette

    We are not able to run our freight trains autonomously. I also wonder about the liabilities no driver to blame then the company would be be on the hook. Probably better to pay a escape goat.

  2. Darwin Payette

    Also electricity is based on supply and demand. Our electric bills will rocket. Plus our roads are paid for by fuel taxes, these will be put into our electric costs. Jeez and dont get me started on the cost environmentally for producing one of the electric vehicles. Personally I feel small diesel electric power plants on commercial trucks would be more environmentally conscious and make more sense

  3. Darwin Payette

    I am guessing that thier range estimates arent based on stop and go traffic. I live in BC Canada, it is mountains everywhere you look temperatures to -50 batteries dont like the cold . Cant see them being very viable in this part of the world.

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