Tesla Semi SuperCharger Found (Speculation) | Tesla Semi SUC

A Tesla Supercharger configured for the Tesla Semi has been found in Truckee, California. The Tesla Supercharger has a double wide space and was recently upgraded.

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  1. -sc

    This is conjecture, and likely incorrect at that:

    -As mentioned, these are standard "temporary" supercharger that come on a skid
    -They are the older style, likely not even as powerful as current superchargers
    -Double wide spacing are because to chargers come on a skid, so you need a space on each side
    -The configuration makes no sense for something with a trailer

    Had to thumbs down obviously ill-informed speculation presented as fact.

  2. Duane Jeffery

    This is not anything other than one of the temporary superchargers mounted on a skid. Its post number is 220A/B. Existing superchargers push over 300A into Model S/X. This supercharger is even the older post style.

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