Tesla Semi & Roadster 2.0 Will Be Made At Gigafactory Nevada

In this video we look at Tesla’s newest vehicles coming out after the Model Y. This being the Tesla Semi Truck and Tesla Roadster. These two classes of vehicles Elon Musk has planned are likely to be manufactured in Gigafactory Nevada. If Tesla can properly invest their time and money into these wonders products they may very well disrupt the trucking industry and super sports car market.


Disclaimer: nothing in this video is financial advice whatsoever and are simply my personal opinions and speculations.

10 Replies to “Tesla Semi & Roadster 2.0 Will Be Made At Gigafactory Nevada”

  1. Kay Uwe Böhm

    That Tesla can deliver high numbers of Model Y sooner than planned in autumn was probably a duck with production in the USA due to Corona stopped and in Germany not planned until 2021 and initially more expensive variants over 40,000 € from 56,980 € longer, wider, heavier & higher as a model 3 an SUV ?

  2. James Hoffman

    Need stamping presses a paint shop to make Roadster and Semi — big capital equipment that might need to be spread across more models than these low volume ones to justify the investment.

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