Tesla semi has skeptics but it will be a game changer. Mercedes testing

Tesla just announced a semi that will appear in september. With mid and long range trucks providing 25% of the pollution, many countries and cities concerned about emissions will buy not to mention delivery firms like fed x that want to save 50 percent fuel costs. Note fed x focus on fuel economy and emissions reduction attached perfect fit. please support teslafaninsight on patreon. www.patreon.com/teslaadvisor? and please subscribe.

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  1. dlwatib

    I didn't follow your argument that rural locations are ideal for battery arrays and solar panels. One of the beauties of solar panels is that they can be installed practically anywhere: urban or rural locations; over parking lots, over roadways, on flat rooftops, on south facing sloped roofs, over flat open ground or over sloped south facing hillside. And battery arrays can be installed underneath a small portion of a large solar panel array. They don't take up nearly as much space and don't require sun exposure.

    I also didn't follow why your complex idea that only going two or three hundred miles on a charge is "perfect". It's obviously not. A perfect solution is a huge battery pack that could be recharged/swapped instantaneously once every 24 hours or so. Long distance semi trucks are operated up to twelve hours at a time with minimal stops and then the driver is required by law to rest for 10 hours. So long haul trucks typically have two drivers, each of which drives for 12 hours and the truck runs nearly continuously until it reaches its destination. A competitive long haul electric semi will have to have a huge battery pack that can be easily swapped out in less time than it takes to refuel, and have the same range as the diesel tanks on an ICE semi.

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