Tesla Semi Germany/Eu Domination Revealed 2020 (970.1)

Tesla Semi is now petitioning Germany to be allowed to operate during periods regular Ice trucks are not. With extra operation time for the Tesla Semi, this means the value proposition of Tesla Electric Trucks is even more compelling. With Eu basing all of it perameters of electric trucks on the Tesla Semi capabilities, it means destruction for Daimler and other EU truck brands.

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14 Replies to “Tesla Semi Germany/Eu Domination Revealed 2020 (970.1)”

  1. Dub Shaman

    The issue with semi was always batteries,not mercy. Giga Germany is about high EU tariffs, manufacture/sell same continent policy. Licensing doesn't solve batteries. Also major software integration issues with third party hardware integration, kills licensing.

  2. Steve Morison

    Fabulous, thanks, lots of information nuances/variety. Have to stay focused not to miss anything. Try this Afrikaans greeting, " Dankie en totsiens", or "Totsiens" (Goodbye/Untill we see [each other again]).

  3. Nelson Macy

    Tesla licensing their technology now is an extremely bad idea. The l
    Tesla pace of innovation including gigafactory is the killer competency. Legacy companies are very limited in this regard and their integration velocity is archaic and a quagmire. This would slow Tesla down. Once there is total industry disruption of the supply chain and capitulation then Tesla could do the licensing. 2028 – 2030.

  4. W N

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  5. Thaddeus Walker

    I completely disagree on licensing. Others going out of business is good for Tesla and good for Tesla aspirations because it frees up resources. This may be inconvenient for individuals but these companies and their pension programs need to die because they were not built on the reality of the need for investment in technology, this needs to be punished. Furthermore liscensing just batteries is not enough, they basically need to be Teslas. For example any battery not put in a Tesla is an underutilized battery The value of electric vehicles looks more similar now before full self driving. Both capital efficiency and environmental concerns are not served by a single user having a vehicle that they will need a lifetime to use up. A Full self driving vehicle working 20 hours a day will have the short term impact multiplied to meaningful levels. There are two necessary waves to this and Tesla doesn't need to dilute their business model. Licensing serves no goal. Workers should invest in companies not against companies.

  6. Jim Porter

    Good idea about licences – hope something like that happens. As for the health issues with gout – sometimes the Ph of the stomach acid is not acidic enough and needs a helping hand. I have taken Betaine Hydrochloride in the past for acid reflux and a side effect is less gout.

  7. Michael Kirtley

    I hear Tesla has started a battery line in Fremont probably to start making Maxwell batteries destined for the semi which needs the higher energy density. As they work the bugs out of the line, they will either expand it and/or open lines at other gigafactories. So the European semis would likely be powered by batteries coming out of giga Berlin.

  8. George Ray

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  9. Jay Morgan

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    Today's video had perfect sound quality.

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