Tesla Semi Explained – UK Orders Open

Tesla Semi Explained, I’m really excited about the advancement in truck technology so Tesla’s Semi truck is something I’m following closely. In this brief update, I explain when the Tesla Semi will be available in the UK, Who is ordering, the cost in the UK and some specs we can expect from the Tesla Semi.

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  1. Oldbmwr100rs

    Had a bit of a look at the tesla truck the other day. It was on display while it's being run between the gigafactory east of Reno Nevada and the Fremont california car factory. Most interesting to me was how conventional it was in construction, and how it was smaller then i thought it would be. Not that the 60 foot trailer looked out of place, but the main cab was not as big as what I'm used to seeing with the big long haul trucks out there. But seeing it in person was very interesting, especially when talking to a couple of truckers who are honestly very excited about it. No shifting, no noise, no more worry about expensive breakdowns or software issues the new rigs have. Game changer? I don't really think so, now something new and honestly better for regional shipping, yes. Now for them to make box vans for UPS and Fed Ex.

  2. scaniaman2006 R620

    Great video kev! personly i HATE the tesla semi! and 1 thing about the 0 to 60 the uk 56mph limiters will slow it down! me would much rarther have a 1 wheel izuzu 7.5 tone truck (i would love driving that)..lol

  3. Brian

    Uk and Ireland just havent got the supply over here the ESB actually stated we cant meet the demand of these cars, not for a few years. It sounds good on paper and look flashy but if theres no charging points at a depot when your picking up or dropping off what happens.

  4. Pixel Warrior

    Its good in theory but we just dont have the infrastructure in the UK for electric cars let alone trucks like charging points etc, Also range is the biggest issue regarding the batteries.

  5. numberplate guy

    Amazon warehouses are so close to the motorways they would be ideal buyers of the tesla truck

    When amazon owner is worth $125bn if he ordered a 1000 tesla trucks which he could do quite easily he would own the uk grocery sector with no competition

    As its existing supermarket 's couldn't get close to the efficiency of amazon 's tesla trucks or its buying power

    I'd have though Google will want a few too

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