Tesla Semi Autopilot Cameras 360 and Potential Lidar

Tesla Semi Autopilot Cameras 360 and Potential Lidar
Showing the Autopilot/Autonomous cameras. Now, shown on the side wings, each wing has a additional camera that I did not show in video. I saw this at another source. It was too dark for my camera to pickup the back facing cameras. So count is up to at least 12 cameras so far for Autopilot, and 2×360* cameras.

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5 Replies to “Tesla Semi Autopilot Cameras 360 and Potential Lidar”

  1. GrimX

    With that many sensors I would be hard pressed if it can't go fully autonomous. Law makers will mandate a truck driver in the tesla semi until they can prove it can hual cargo across the country safer than a human. Probably mid 2020s. Gotta retrain a lot of drivers with new skill sets before all transport jobs are taken by robots.

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