Tesla Race Car! Tiff Needell drives The Electric Tesla GT P100DL

We were invited to Barcelona for an exclusive first drive of the brand new Electric GT Tesla P100DL race car.

Our resident racing driver Tiff Needell got first dibs and was unquestionably the right man for the job to get behind the wheel for a short drive around the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

Would you watch an electric GT race series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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32 Replies to “Tesla Race Car! Tiff Needell drives The Electric Tesla GT P100DL”


    Ugh so BORING I rather be listening to a thousand toyota corolas than having to save my child and future generations from pollution and climate change. Btw its fuking freezing here. No global warming.. Those electric cars are so gay

  2. Jimmy Phun Tyme

    Flax composites are not as strong as carbon composites. I am an engineer specializing in these materials and worked with many of the companies developing flax composites. Just for the record, they are an interesting technology, but they could never achieve strengths even approaching carbon fiber. Mostly they are a gimmick claiming to be a more 'sustainable' advanced material, but really they are equally terrible for the environment when combined with thermoset resins (which is the only current way to achieve any notable strength.)

    BTW, Tiff is the man, and I assume he got some bad information on this one.

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