Tesla Model Y vs Model S Review – Which one is better?

Tesla Model Y vs Model S Review – Which one is better?


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16 Replies to “Tesla Model Y vs Model S Review – Which one is better?”

  1. Kona Reef

    How about a road test. I do like my Model Y and it has a lot of things i really like, But, my Model Y is noisy on the highway and the ride is a bit stiff. Are there differences in the autopilot or GPS? No Resume on the autopilot, and it needs to be reengaged after lane change. My old Honda handled these better. Does the S have better blind spot warnings or cross traffic alerts? Also, my wife hates the door handles on the Y and i think she would love the S handles.

  2. Ninos Koussa

    I'm coming from a model S after I totaled it in a car accident. I pre-ordered the model Y and waiting for a delivery date. Do you think I made the wrong switch?
    My model S was basic S60 RWD.

    Should I have gotten a more featured model S for the same price?

  3. WaddaFundraiser

    Nice video!

    I got a used Model S last year while waiting for my Y (supposed to be delivered late 2021 at the time), and I have pretty much decided to not make the trade. The two biggest pluses for me with the S are ride quality (quietness) and heated steering wheel.

  4. James Moline

    Thanks for your response, Joe. I am hoping to get mine before the Fall. I currently have a 2019 Hyundai Kona EV (fully electric). Awesome car with tons of features (e.g., HUD, Heated Steering Wheel, Cooled and Heated seats), but only front wheel drive. That one will be for sale when the Model Y arrives!! Enjoy that new baby!! Dr. Moline

  5. James Moline

    Hey Joe, nice work on these videos! And congrats on the new baby. Here is my question. I have a Model Y on order. In the past 20 years I have been driving Mercedes E, Volvo 740, BMW X5 and 650i, Audi A6, Land Cruiser, and most recently, Alfa Romeo (Stelvio). I know you just bought an Audi. Do you think I will be satisfied with the build quality of the interior and exterior of the Model Y compared to these European cars? I trust your judgment on detail! Thanks in advance for your reply.

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