Tesla Model Y vs Model 3 Review – Which one is better?

Tesla Model Y vs Model 3 Review – Which one is better?


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43 Replies to “Tesla Model Y vs Model 3 Review – Which one is better?”

  1. Gamer Alien

    I would rather have a model 3 cause I rode in one and would seem better. The model y look the same and model 3 seems like a better price for a good car. And has more abilities than model y. And better range. But that’s my opinion and when I am. Old enough to purchase a vehicle I would wanna use my savings to get a model 3

  2. Matthew O

    I have a model 3 performance. I just test drove the model y performance.

    Pros: The model y is very spacious in the trunk because of the hatchback. Also love the full pano roof and the power trunk. It also comes with chrome delete as standard where as with the model 3, I had to have it installed. Also the heat pump is nice if you live in cold climate.

    Cons: It doesn't handle or accelerate like the model 3, no track mode, it's more expensive, and it has less range. I also prefer the model 3's look. It just looks sportier and more proportioned but that's just my opinion.

    Overall, both are fantastic cars. If I had a family or a need for more space, I would go with the Y 100%. But since I don't have a family, I would go with the model 3 for that sportier look and more range and handling/acceleration. It also has more than enough adequate space for one or two people, probably even one child as well.
    It's a win/win whichever route you go 🙂

  3. HUMS

    Hello guys
    This is interesting question for you~

    What would you buy if model 3 is 10000 dollors cheaper than the model y
    Both of them are long range

  4. KingProne

    depends what you want. Sunroof + panorama rear windshield or panorama sunroof + standard rear windshield. I think for the driver model 3 is better, for passenger model y.

  5. Dieter Zerressen

    I'm surprised you don't offer your customers a sound deadening option. For under $100 you can get a kit that adds 4 door seals, a frunk and trunk seal, and a roof seal. That makes a huge difference in the quality sound of doors closing and wind noise when driving.

  6. Jean-Luc Brouillet

    Thanks for the detailed video! I'm really encouraged when you say that the seats feel different. I find the Model 3 seat bolsters to be too tight for my frame. Would you say the bolsters are similar or softer?

  7. sadigov

    I am waiting for the Tesla Roadster Depression edition to come out. The paint job will be so horrible and gaps between panels so uneven that the unemployed people won’t feel any resentment.

  8. Jake Cook

    I will let you know that you probably are hallucinating about the seats. They are exactly the same between Model Y and 3. The seats in the Model Y are just put on riser to make them higher. If you look under the seat, the risers are very visible. I’m guessing they’re more “premium feeling” to you because they are higher and the way your legs are positioned. Also if the Model 3 seats were from an older 3, they would be different because Tesla updated them.

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