Tesla Model Y vs Audi e-tron: Which Electric SUV is Better? + Feature Comparison

Tesla Model Y vs Audi e-tron: Which Electric SUV is Better? + Feature Comparison

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23 Replies to “Tesla Model Y vs Audi e-tron: Which Electric SUV is Better? + Feature Comparison”

  1. Crimson

    I have a model Y (came off of owning 5 Audi's) from S6 to Q7 (current wife's car) – there is NO comparison – for us the Tesla is better in everyway, tech, comfort, range you name it. While I agree the esthetics are subjective and I've always loved the Audi brand interior design/quality, the Tesla is a different animal. The revolution has begun, Tesla has set the standard and its going to take a lot more than just coming out with 1 electric vehicle with a lower range, higher price and the same tech in other current non EV models to differentiate. Great review thanks for doing.

  2. Dan Namson

    I was trying to debate between Model Y and Etron. The cost, the range, the charging cost, the charging infrastructure makes the Y a no-brainer (not to mention the over-the-air upgrade)!

  3. Paul Chao

    Had an early version of the etron. Would go from electric to gas on a whim. Audi couldn't find the reason for this. So I paid extra to get a plug in hybrid that didn't work or worked when it felt like it. Sounds like a deal to me……NOT Traded that lemon in for cash.

  4. Tclark5

    The is the first all electric Audi, Tesla has had 10 years….. The model X charges slower. Build quality is much better on Etron, dealership is a big plus. This sounds like a fan boy! Did you drive an Etron? This is all on paper, not a real comparison!

  5. Imetalman2000

    I feel bad for the competition, Being the first and being new allows Tesla to develop a car from the ground up. Other companies are forced to reuse technology from their gas cars to save on production cost. Also other companies are having to out source and contract their electric vehicle department. Tesla is integrating everything in house and as we grow we increase the number of parts build in house.

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