Tesla Model X vs Jaguar I-Pace – Three Flaws Make ALL the Difference

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The Jaguar I-Pace looks pretty good stacking up to the Tesla Model X. It even won a 0-60 race recently. However, there are three ways I feel it falls short. Sign up for these updates at

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On paper, the Jaguar I-Pace looks good, but there are three ways in which I have doubts:

1 – Storage

The Jaguar I-Pace (25.3 ft3) somehow has less storage room than a Tesla Model S (30ft3) and when compared to the Tesla Model X (66-88ft3) it’s not even close. For some, this will be a big deal, notably those with families or kids, but might not be a deal breaker for all.

2 – Weight

This might sound odd, but because the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of the Jaguar I-Pace is less than 6,000lb it doesn’t qualify for this special tax exemption in the US. This tax rule lets businesses, including freelancers etc. to deduct 100% of the vehicles depreciation in the first year. If you compare the two vehicles from a base price, and subtract 32% tax deduction on these vehicles, it completely flips the results around.

3 – Charging

In the future, the Jaguar I-Pace will support 100kW DC Fast Charging. Right now it only supports half of this at 50kW. This means that to top up 80% on your trip you only need to wait 85min. Just enough time to binge watch some Teslanomcis videos ?

Contrast this charging time with the Tesla Supercharger network and it’s obvious that if you ever go on longer trips the Tesla Model X is the winner.

It’s not ALL bad though…

For many, the business tax deduction won’t apply so the lower price will be a better deal overall. The performance of the I-Pace is also impressive. With a 0-60 time of 4.5 seconds it beats the base Model X by nearly half a second, however, doesn’t touch the P100D time of 2.9 seconds.

Overall I am excited to see legitimate contenders to the dominant force that has been Tesla in the EV market. Companies like Jaguar have strong reputations and fans that have loved them for years. With car makers like them and others embracing the EV movement we’re likely to see better competition and in the end, a better result for consumers.

Let me know what you think in the comments below! (even though I don’t read them)

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// What is the Jaguar I-Pace
The I-Pace is designed by Ian Callum.[2] The concept version of the car, described as a five-seater sports car, was unveiled by JLR at the 2016 Los Angeles motor show and shown on-road in London in March 2017.[3][4] and series production is handled by Magna Steyr in Austria.[5][6] The production version of the I-PACE was revealed in Graz on 1 March 2018.[7]

Some of the electric drive technology comes out of the Jaguar I-Type Formula E program,[8] and the concentric motors were developed by JLR engineer Dr. Alex Michaelides.[9]

// Jaguar I-Pace Range
One full charge provides a range of 240 miles.

// Jaguar I-Pace Performance
Instant torque and All Wheel Drive traction gives the I‑PACE the acceleration of a sports car. It reaches 60 mph in 4.5 seconds.3

// Jaguar I-Pace Battery
The 90 kWh battery of the I‑PACE is made up of high-energy density, lithium-ion pouch cells. Its design and state-of-the-art thermal management system support longevity and periods of sustained maximum power.

// Jaguar I-Pace Power
The I‑PACE is propelled by two permanent magnet synchronous electric motors. Similar to the technology found in the I‑TYPE Formula E racing car, these motors generate 394 HP and 512 Lb-Ft of torque.

// Jaguar I-Pace Dimensions
The I‑PACE has a compact footprint from the outside but exceptional space within. There are five full seats, innovative storage, a substantial rear cargo space of over 25.3 cubic feet and 0.95 cubic feet in the front storage compartment.

// Jaguar I-Pace Charging
With a 50 kW DC rapid charger — the kind found at most public charging stations — the I-PACE can achieve a 0-80% charge in 85 minutes.*

*Note: Actual charge times may vary according to environmental conditions and available charging installation.

39 Replies to “Tesla Model X vs Jaguar I-Pace – Three Flaws Make ALL the Difference”

  1. Mark Zoppolato

    The test race showing comparison with the x and ipace is a setup,the pace won but the x was always in chill,,the x driver never had his head pined to the headrest,and since when does a x do 0 to 100kmh in 5 seconds unless it is in chill,,it should make 2.9 seconds,,,,,,test comparison was done by Top Gear producers,,,,,don't fall for it

  2. Trevor Pinion

    How can it contend in the long wrong when Tesla is clearly leading on full autonomy ? When the iphone came out so many people said no one wanted a virtual keyboard and wanted to use their phone like that… full autonomy is game changer. Oh also throw in the charging net work.

  3. Bryan davies

    Three flaws? One flaw you can completely dismiss if you're outside the USA. The loadspace? The Tesla is 426mm longer than the Jag and wider too – so more loadspace might be expected. Who needs that much on a regular basis? It's van-like. The Tesla is a big vehicle, which in parts of Europe creates its own problems vs narrow streets in ancient city centres and being too long for a majority of our on street parking bays. On its plus side, get the right version and Tesla is still 'the daddy' on range – and if you want to lay out mega money – performance too. Where the Jaguar beats it is build quality and handling. It will also, carrying over the JLR expertise and systems, be a much better winter car – it will go places (and get you out of situations) that would leave the Tesla bogged down and stranded. You pays your money, you makes your choice.

  4. Marcin25981

    Hey Ben, I agree 100% with you. I pace looks great from the outside, the interior is very attractive as well however not functional. I was actually very excited about this car and I was planning to buy it. I first saw it at NY auto show this year. What a disappointment no only cargo space is a joke there is very little room for my legs. I'm 6.3 and I have tons of room in my 2013 model S. My model S has 31.6 ft³, including enormous frunk and 63.4 ft³ with seat area folded. I transported 75" TVs in my car with no problem. Went camping with frunk stuffed to the edges with stuff, I could not do any of that with I-pace not to mention hitting that middle divider with my knee. At the auto show they could not even figure out how to open the hood for me to see the frunk, I'm, actually glad I didn't because Jaguar team would have to pick me up from the floor 🙂 You can literally fit 4 – 12oz coke bottles. One up and coming contender that I'm really curious about is a Rivian pickup truck. Looks like the Rrivian team got that storage right. Have you seen the frunk in that thing 🙂 WOW. Great video comparison, really glad you mentioned that drag race 😉 So bias, they should have tested i-pace against pre-owned 90D X match the battery size better. It was soooo fake, that guy in Model X saying I will smoke you or something like that lol Icon for range looks almost like a gas station icon just with a cord, they could have done better.

  5. Steve Reisman

    Fast? Who cares, either can pin you to the seat, each is fairly mundane in speedy looks and each can get you a speeding or exhibition ticket just as easily. Cost, who cares, when you buy a car like this it's about wanting a luxury electric car that saves the environment in style. Capacity, also a moot point since neither is an SUV and each is fairly comparable. All these BIG 3 issues don't even hit my radar. I like that the Jag handles a bit better but the big winner is looks and in that capacity it's the Jag all the way. I just hope they have a small reservoir where a few gallons of used motor oil can be stored and this would be connected to a timer so that when the car is stationary it releases small drips of oil such that the car will uphold the most prominent and traditions of all English cars in that it should leak (or in this case appear to leak) oil. I'm 90% ready to pull the trigger on the Jag, just saw it at the L.A. Auto show and was impressed by it.

  6. simplysori1004jy

    There are no real "Tesla Killers". More than likely the ICE (gas) cars will get cannibalized for sales. Tesla will have gas parity ($100/kwh) by the end of 2018. Also there is much debate about Autopilot. After having used it for 700-800 mile drives I can say that you can't really do a long drive without one. No way. It is much safer to have two drivers (Autopilot) and the driver looking at the road. This allows the driver to look at the surrounding traffic and leave the mundane driving to the car.

  7. John Richards

    I’m a car guy who accepts that electric is the future, and so I respect Musk for disrupting the market and building an electric car people would actually want. Big, big achievement.

    Okay, but the first thing that put me off was your sponsor, Fisker, who is already perceived as a has-been among electric car makers. That makes me wonder if your channel is some kind of patron of lost causes.

    And then, I'm not going to take you seriously while you wear that ridiculous backwards hat. Act your age, man. Then people will be more likely to listen to your opinion about expensive cars.

    Then there’s the name of your channel, which resonates to me that your audience is a Musk cult. Not what I would call a level playing field.

    The rest was a bit of a blur, but what I got out of it was that the Jag is competitive. I would hope so, seeing that Jaguar is owned by super-wealthy Tata Inc., while Tesla is hobbled by 11 billion dollars of debt with no profitable quarters in sight.

    I respect Musks's audacious taking on of the big players in this Darwinian industry. He has produced some highly desirable cars. But to take on the global giants in their arena, when economies of scale can make all the difference, seems to me an impossible challenge for an independent company.

    I do not want Tesla to go the way of Tucker and Hudson. And so I would recommend to Elon that he remove his ego from the equation and partner with a Big Player that will permit him to follow his dream, with the backing of a corporate sponsor that can provide the economy of scale his brand needs to survive.

    The reason for my take on this is, though we might not admit it, we car guys are rooting for Tesla all the way. All we ask is that you drop the cult thing and make it real, and partner up (as Jaguar did) with a Big Player that can help you through that difficult gestation period. It would be so great to have a world-beating American-made electric car that makes a profit for its investors. From my outsider's viewpoint, this is still possible.

  8. Dustin Eward

    Model X is absolutely NOT an SUV. It's a minivan, but with crappier doors than a 90s Dodge Caravan. Enjoy paying to fix that obnoxiously over-complicated crap out of warranty… They can't even keep the door handles working on the Model S! Are you kidding me?

  9. Shonna Counter

    I'm sort-of undecided… so far. I'm a Tesla fan… who is considering an alternate (because I'm concerned Tesla/Elon is imploding and the company will go bye-bye). If you want to pay $115+K to be a guinea pig – go for it, especially if there is NO ONE else providing EV SUVs. But, indeed, Tesla is not luxury inside. As a BMW 7 series driver… I was having a hard time justifying a 7-Series price tag without the numerous luxuries. I have no need for 7 seats and was going to order the 5 seat Model X. Now that this I-Pace is an option – and the pending E-Tron (both historically luxury car makers)… I’m hesitant to make a purchase.
    Who cares about battery efficiency? – I want to go 225+ mi between charges, I want: fast charging, GORGEOUS design, plenty of tech, not low to the ground, from a company who will not be going out of business any time soon… for $80-100K.
    So far I can get that from I-Pace for $91K (fully loaded – a $24K savings!) Only problem? Audi says e-Tron = 345 mi range and 80% charge in 30 minutes. Hhmmm… maybe wait for an Audi?
    The missing feature from everyone (except BMW soon) is the wireless charging pad technology (WiTricity / Qualcomm). Maybe I'm asking too much. ??

  10. W G

    I really like the seating of the TMX, but the value of the TM3P is amazing… but really nice to see a legacy manufacturer really getting serious about BEVs. hopefully they produce a lot more of them so people can buy a lot of them.

  11. Alan Friesen

    Hi Ben, One thing that Ive heard that the I-pace has the edge in is the amount of water it can get through. I heard I-pace does 20 inches and Tesla recommends not touching any water. Can you confirm this?

  12. Rambler Andy

    Jag-you-are. That's the way the British say it. When Americans say Jag-waar it is kind of jarring to the ear, but if you pronounce the animal name that way then that's good enough. I suppose Jaguar would call themselves Jag-you-are, so if you want to be accurate to the car company, then that's the way to say it. However, it's up to you. I'll just cover my ears for a few seconds. ?

    Apologies. I answered on a phone and didn't spot the earlier replies. Guess I was a bit keen.

  13. computerbob06

    A nice review, but I would've preference to see a run down of the costs of the top spec cars. If you're going to pay 70K for a car, why not pay 86K for the top spec? Even with 25K discount, the Tesla looks expensive at 140K+. Also, I didn't see you mention the fact the Jaguar can go off-road under warranty. Go off-road in the 100 and Tesla will know and screw you hugely!

  14. MH0709

    Anyone that really takes the environment seriously cannot support buying any electric vehicle – poisons like arsenic and cyanid are used to make the batteries and there are no methods to safely dispose of the batteries. The only way forward in the long term is hydrogen power.

  15. Stony1900

    I like you you say the range is ok but it has a longer range than the Tesla model x. You make it seem like it's shorter and the fact that it has knobs is a plus I don't like Tesla iPad for everything. Clearly you are biased towards Tesla in this review you don't even hide it that well.

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