Tesla Model X vs Audi SQ7 – Electric vs Diesel acceleration challenge | Head2Head

Imagine you have around £100,000 to spend on an SUV and six friends to carry. The thing is, you’re always in a massive hurry, so you absolutely must own the quickest car for the job. To answer this most first-world of problems, I pitch the diesel-powered Audi SQ7 – complete with magnificent 4.0-litre V8 – against the Tesla Model X 100D to find out which is fastest.

In the last of my internal combustion vs battery power face-offs, the Tesla Model S managed to edge out the Nissan GT-R. So can the pride of fossil fuels really rely on a diesel SUV? Find out as I put the pair through their paces.

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30 Replies to “Tesla Model X vs Audi SQ7 – Electric vs Diesel acceleration challenge | Head2Head”

  1. TigerKurdish

    Mean while the Sq7 will lose half of its value in couple of years, so the choice is a no brainer!
    That's the basic model x and still that fast, I'm impressed actually.

  2. Vasile Bastea

    Make a test on long distance, whit full battery on tesla and full diesel on audi. For tha people how don't know about sq7, that is diesel car… So great test, diesel vs electric!!

  3. MOTOR HAWK car n truck enthusiast

    In future ,internal combustion would have a utility but very unlimited! Some efficient but not powerful would be used in generators and also as an emergency motor when electric systems are damaged ,also there will be hybrids in which engines would be used to propel the vehicle at higher rpm and also in future some engines are going to come as a hybrid of gasoline and Diesel engines which might be more powerful and torquier than electrics but would be limited to only some Koenigseggs ,muscle cars like Dodge Challenger and Mazda ,also rotaries are coming back! Also turbine engines which are a form of internal combustion engines are going to be used always because of the kind of power offered by thermodynamics which is more than electrics!Otherwise most of the cars would be electric for daily commuting! Both internal combustion engines and electrics are good at performance,so it is simply kiddish when we support one of them and make fun of another ! Iam saying this as a matured guy!

  4. Richard Koper

    Awesome! A big f*ck you @ Audi! This is the future & not diesel. But hey, the marketingboys from Audi are still believing in "Vorsprung durch Technik" Tesla is lightyears ahead of the competition. EV's are the future, also other brands like Hyundai are making big steps. It's an exiting revolution in the automotive industry @ last….

  5. Reece Drury

    Only thing I would say, the 'real world' acceleration test is not kicking down like that. It pulling of a roundabout in the right gear 2rd or 3rd and flooring it. How about a rolling acceleration test with the car in an appropriate gear. Show the flexibility of the engine, not the gearbox kick down time and this type of rolling drag obviously removes traction issues.

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