Tesla Model X vs Audi e-tron: Which All Electric SUV is Safer?

Tesla Model X vs Audi e-tron: Which All Electric SUV is Safer?

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22 Replies to “Tesla Model X vs Audi e-tron: Which All Electric SUV is Safer?”

  1. Kommentator

    I'm sorry, but this comparison is COMPLETELY useless!
    Chassis structures and general safety equipment differ from market to market. A US Model X will have different airbags, crash structures, seats, dashboard structures, safety equipment, seatbelts etc than a European market Model X. Same goes for the E-Tron and any car for that matter.

    Drawing conclusions for the US market by looking at European test results is therefore ridiculous.
    You were trying to discredit the IIHS's test results by citing a different crashtest conducted using completely different cars for a different market built to fulfil different requirements.
    This is not rare knowledge to come by, basic car enthusiasts could tell you about this. Anybody who ever fixed a bumper in their backyard knows about this. Yet there you are, posing as some sort of "industry expert" while lacking such basic knowledge of the most basic facts which even a recently hired production line worker from either company could tell you about!

  2. christian falch

    Well with Teslas well know quality issues, ill pick the Audi any day before even thinking of the Tesla.
    Because, can you cheat with paints and quality in general, well what more can you cheat with?

    As these tested cars are handed to the controllers to smash, its not random cars gotten from the streets.
    Also the safety features so braged about, work when they want to in the real world, Tesla owners say them selves its a 50 50, but that dont matter… Or the suddenly reactions to stuff that is not there… Also the absent of reaction when stuff is there.

  3. Larry Smith

    Jesus Love YOU ALL!!! Jesus died for the sins of the world, Jesus went to hell in our place and after 3 days HE rose from the dead to give eternal life to ALL who will believe and follow HIM(John 3:15-17/ 1st Corinthians 15:1-4 NKJV)

  4. robin wei

    I like Tesla. But be realistic!
    Or you are likely the guy who would pick new graduates over experienced for your serious Safty project
    Don’t make it wrong. Tesla is a competitive newcomer and will be getting better.

  5. 1stMil.com

    Great theory about model x safety. Now let's look at reality as in real world death and accidents in a Model X. How many Model X have crashed into fire trucks, ambulances, dividers and white box trailer trucks? How many Model X have gone up in flames? How many Model X have been involved in deadly accidents? Now same question for Etron or Ipace or EQC. I won't answer this question for your viewers. People who think for themselves will find those facts interesting.

  6. US americans

    You can't extrapolate the Model 3's rating from IIHS onto the Model X. For instance, Model S has only ever achieved 'acceptable' in the critical small overlap test.
    Speaking of avoiding accidents, Model X also does not have blind spot monitors, whereas e-tron has some of the best in the business.

  7. Rodney L Wright

    What the crash tests DON'T SHOW is crash avoidance. The best crash is the one you avoid!  
    Tesla is superb in crash avoidance as shown in the numbers comparing the average number of miles between crashes. Teslas go nearly 9X farther between crashes compared to the average car in the USA. We don't yet have those numbers for the Audi, but this is largely a software issue. It will be very difficult for Audi to approach the quality of Tesla in that critical software.

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