Tesla Model X VR

A worthy electric car explorer done in Virtual Reality:

As electric cars and AI are the future of mobility, and as Tesla is at the forefront of this EV revolution, we set out to build this in-house demo of Tesla’s Model X SUV for HTC Vive VR. This demo played a huge role in helping us win interactive projects for companies like Hyundai CE, Volvo CE and Caterpillar Inc.

How it works:
In this demo, the user starts the experience in a virtual Tesla showroom located in Paris. Users can open the car’s doors, trunk and frunk (front trunk). They can also take a look at the Tesla dashboard, upholstery etc. Users can change the car’s color in realtime, and can roam around the studio and take a look at different Tesla accessories. The entire experience takes about 120 seconds only.

About Inception X:
Inception X is an AR, VR, AI, and Creative Technologies Company based in Mumbai, India. Our core focus has always been to provide great quality mobile-first experiences for brands across the world. Inception X is a service provider for interactive software/ technology development in the B2B/B2C domain.


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