Tesla Model X – Using Autopilot in the Rain

Tesla Model X – Running firmware v8.0 (2.44.121)

Using autopilot in the rain. Works well.

Talk about my recent Service Center experience. Falcon Wing Door issues continue. Motor swap a product of bad service center technicians. How to use TACC in the rain or low visibility.

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  1. Adam Wood

    Wow, what a disappointing Tesla owner. You ignore the "hold steering wheel" warning 3 times and then blame the visibility when auto-steer is disabled? That's ludicrous! It's disappointing the car allowed you to re-enable auto-steer without pulling over and parking, as it is intended with version 8.0, that's concerning. This video was almost unbearable to watch especially because of the misuse, misinformation (solved by reading), aggressive swearing and inability to stay on-topic. Also, viewers, this owner has Hardware 1.0, stay tuned for Hardware 2.0's big update for "Enhanced Autopilot" in about 3 weeks. There should be a lot of owners uploading videos of the foretold splendor.

  2. Joe Black

    Are you talking about the wiper blade speed at to the intermittent setting? just confirming there is no setting to make on the auto pilot in terms of the speak of its reading the road or car in front…

  3. Ali Alnaser

    At 9:03 .. The auto steering is disabled because the car was beeping three times for you to hold the steering ( which you didn't). Not because it's not confident. Basically, you just need to park anywhere and shift the gear from P to D again and you will have feature back again.

  4. M. V. P.

    I noticed that throughout your video tractor trailers (at 19:15 & 24:25) or even a pickup truck towing a trailer (at 22:10) to your right never displayed on the dash even when you were approaching them. Interesting how such large & long vehicles where not getting detected (?)

  5. M. V. P.

    Who is your service center and where is it located? You should probably inform everyone so people know. The service techs at that location don't appear to be qualified to work on Teslas.

  6. M. V. P.

    Unfortunately I think you got one of the few Model X lemons. Check your state's lemon laws as you may be able to give the car back for a full refund if you've brought the car back at least three times for the same/similar issue(s). I have heard similar complaints from other Model X owners concerning the rear doors but not as severe to what you're experiencing. And your drivetrain issues are definitely not a widepsread problem.I know this isn't a direct comparison but I've owned my Model S for 6 months now with no problems whatsoever. And a few friends who have owned their Model X's for a similar amount of time have not experienced any of the issues you have. BTW, most lemon laws have a limited time before they expire (one year?) so you better not go too far between return service visits otherwise you may reach that limit.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lemon_law

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