Tesla Model X Towing a Camper 600 Miles | Our Longest Towing Adventure Yet

Taking a 4800lb camper on a 600 mile road trip with a Tesla Model X? Sounds crazy, right? Well, we did it! ↓↓↓MORE BELOW↓↓↓

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0:00 The Adventure Begins
1:41 Lincoln to South Sioux City
5:21 South Sioux City to Sioux Falls
8:09 Sioux Falls to Mitchell
12:33 Mitchell to Oacoma
14:20 Oacoma to Murdo
15:36 Murdo to Wall
17:37 Wall to Rapid City

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30 Replies to “Tesla Model X Towing a Camper 600 Miles | Our Longest Towing Adventure Yet”

  1. Daniel Wang

    That's a lot of practice unhitching and reconnecting between charges. I hope charge stations will incorporate a longer line so that tesla's that are hooked up can be accommodated without unhitching. What would be really cool is if the solar panels on the trailer could be used to charge the EV tow vehicle. That would be truly off the grid!

    Thanks for sharing! I'm looking forward to more videos from you guys. Enjoy and be safe out there!

  2. Michael

    Saw your vlog on quality. Its my opinion for the money you spent and quality you received you need to be more unforgiving. I buy a car to drive not make appointments with service center at dealership, so I take it this is your business and you need to be positive so your inclined not to be angry and show it to all of us, so you lie and say its ok Tesla still good. While I appreciate the insights to poor quality of the Model X based on the money you spent; I can go buy a $45k car put 20k miles and have zero issues really zero issues wow. So not cool you downplay the quality issues not cool at all!

  3. Audio Innovations

    Thank you for all the stats! It really helps everyone plan accordingly, IF they want to attempt this in their Tesla.

    One stat I would love to have is, elevation change per leg of trip. I noticed your first leg was extremly efficient over other 7. I'm assuming it was slight downhill?

  4. Bike Tall

    Cool video with lots of info. The trailer definitely draws a lot of battery power…. but it’s doable. I was wondering if a 13’ lightweight fiberglass Scamp would do better being pulled by a Tesla model Y. How heavy is your trailer?

  5. Sam Marmon

    I really enjoyed your video – Have you thought of getting a more aerodynamic/lighter trailer? That's quite a brick, although I understand works well for the family. Although pricing is way too high, there's the Bowlus trailer that some are able to tow over 200 miles on a charge. Airstreams seem similar. I wonder if with the rise of EVs if there will be more focus on campers that are aerodynamic specifically for EV applications.

  6. jrsydvl100

    Thanks so much for documenting. Considered an EV for towing 2500lb Scamp….but just for a sec! Too limited. But definitely looking forward to not-too-distant future! Maybe Rivian? Maybe one of the big 3? Maybe Tesla? Feels like the day is coming. BTW, we're on our way back from the Black Hills to NY. What a wonderful trip. Also curious of your experience with sway / stability? We're about to pick up a Hensley hitch in Michigan as towing w/recently bought 2011 Nissan Xterra has proven unstable w/regular ball hitch. It must have been a treat passing thru those wind farms in your EV. Thanks again!

    p.s. maybe GM, https://www.theverge.com/2020/7/29/21346706/general-motors-gmc-teases-hummer-ev-truck-suv-fall-2020-event

  7. BigDawgTheGreat

    Ha I just commented on your walk through video and then watched this… my wife and I currently are starting the process to move from California to Rapid City, SD and first order is to get a travel trailer so we can join my brother on outdoor adventures in South Dakota

  8. joblessalex

    If you want to do this, I suggest solar on the trailer, a spare 20kwh on the tongue, and possibly a gas generator. Run all that in line with the car and you'll go super far with much less charging.

  9. Eric Roe

    I really enjoy your videos of your EV towing. I found your videos from someone posting it on Facebook basically laughing at EV towing. I’m fully on board that EV’s are the wave of the future (finally). I can’t wait for there to be an EV Chassis that RV’s can be built on similar to the Ford F53 for Class A’s. I think an EV RV is the perfect solution.

    Can’t wait for an EV truck that had a decent range while towing. 100 miles and 5k towing capacity is just too little.

  10. TheCanada1

    Hey guys. Hello from Canada. What a great video of your super family adventure. Loved it. Especially the chair dancing in the car. Woohoo.

    Hey, if you wouldn’t mind. What year is your model X. Just trying to get a feel of your battery size and max charging rate although I don’t think you hit any V3’s along the way.

    We are subscribed and looking forward to watching your next adventure.

    Stay safe and healthy out there.

  11. corn_fed_ls

    I ran the numbers on all of that out of curiosity. You spent 10 hours and 20 minutes driving 571.4 miles at an average pace of 55 miles per hour total. If we disregard the time you spent charging at a campground, you spent 3 hours and 45 minutes charging 326.6 kWh at an average rate of 89.6 kW. If we take that into account since you said you had to stop due to the lack of a supercharger, you sent 12 hours and 6 minutes charging 399.7 kWh at an average rate of 33 kW. Total travel time was 22 hours and 26 minutes to go 571.4 miles
    Just for comparison, based the last few thousand miles of our towing a 7500 lb travel trailer, we would have made that same journey in about 9 and a half hours with stops for gas and bathroom breaks, just over 8 hours of actual driving. (we might have done that in a single day even if that was the only traveling that week) We would have used just shy of 100 gallons of gas which currently in most areas we frequent is between $2-2.50. So even on the high side, it would have been $250 in fuel. We typically average 70 mph when towing, but have been in the 60s in the mountains and upper 70s on flat terrain. Not knocking the Tesla, I absolutely love them and would buy one in a heartbeat if I had the money for it. Just don't see them replacing my tow vehicle any time soon.

  12. SilverShadow2LWB

    It is quite clear to me that you are making the car do something that it really wasn't designed to do. I think a suitable towing vehicle for the trailer is a must. I really wouldn't like to plan a trip depending upon the gas stations. What happens if a charging station is out of order, blocked by cars or in this case a festival? I would also question how much a toll this has taken on the car? Having a trailer is a luxury…might as well invest in a matching device to tow it with. Save the Tesla for the rest of the home trips and either rent a truck or invest in a good used vehicle just for vacationing. You will have made a savings to pollution with just the mileage on the Tesla. Just my opinion; I'm glad you had fun.

  13. IBM2217

    Great video, however how fast were you going to drain the battery THAT quick in a matter of 1 – 2 hours?

    Honestly this is a very disappointing result for EV's.. Swap this Model X for a polluting 2L turbo diesel and you'd have significantly more range

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