Tesla Model X: The (Many) Features

In this video I go over everything one would need to know to make the most of a Tesla Model X, and some of the cool features that make it so unique. Hope you enjoy!

23 Replies to “Tesla Model X: The (Many) Features”

  1. James

    Ive seen about a million diff YT Tesla videos, and my mind blows EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! in fact my brain is prob the size of a pea from getting blown so many times… I dont like these teslas, I LOVE everything about them!!! I would make sweet love to a tesla, any day of the week 😍😍😍

  2. lilly

    I agree with another poster comment. You're doing good at first doing the key fob. After that, it was getting faster and rushing. I have a September 2019 Model X. Read the manual back to back but it would be nice to see someone walk-through the features in real-time. Learn to slow down a bit when doing a presentation of a "How To" video.

  3. phlotographer

    lots of info but unfortunately, gone over much too quickly to fully absorb it all. Take your time and slow down and give the full info such that it can be absorbed. I have never understood the reason that so many creators think that their audience may have such a short attention span as to be unable to spend the time viewing a more lengthy and slower presentation. It is much easier to simply pause a long presentation than to try to find info by a time frame search and still get the info done in machine gun fashion.

  4. Orange Marley

    Listen Bro, you are literally the only person who has the most recent detailed review of the Tesla’s infotainment center. Everybody just goes through the pointless review for all of the basic stuff that we already know about. I appreciate this video. Keep doing more. This was the first time somebody showed the settings.

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