Tesla Model X Roadtrip: DAY 13

Hiya everybody! Join us as we go on a cross country road trip in the Tesla Model X, completely FREE! On the Tesla Supercharger Network. This is the our vlog from Day 13 of our trip. Don’t forget to Like/Subscribe so that you can catch all our vlogs as they go up. Plus you will get all our other content as we release it. What more could you ask for?

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13 Replies to “Tesla Model X Roadtrip: DAY 13”

  1. J Doe

    The name should obviously be "shooter" cause it is related to weapons and you do shots………..Thank you for your consideration of my official ability to name this Montana shot glass. Will be seeing you tomorrow at Brookline, Jeff is the name, Tesla is the game…..keep drivin' with the grin' !!

  2. Paul Mills

    The white cabinets are the superchargers. The gray cabinets are switching and distribution equipment. There will also be a large transformer with a meter near the enclosure, but never in it.

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