Tesla Model X – Pros & Cons – Driving Review – Everyday Driver

We went to Arizona to film an in-depth discussion of a fully loaded P90D Tesla Model X.

We’ve already driven the Model S Sedan for comparison:

The S sedan has gained accolades around the world, and the entry level 3 is still forthcoming. So what does the X have to offer. We show you, discuss, disagree, and wonder about the future.

For the companion article to this Model X drive, go here:

And for an in-depth discussion of the touch screen watch this:

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40 Replies to “Tesla Model X – Pros & Cons – Driving Review – Everyday Driver”

  1. Parrott Gaming

    This is the worst review on youtube. It’s this whiny hippy guy whining about how he would rather drive a minivan and how bad the model x, and the other guy correcting him. The model x is the best car but this is such a bad video.

  2. UshasRides

    You’re missing the point … is there a full EV minivan??? That’s the reason why I’m buying an X… it’s an all electric SUV… the falcon wings are just a bonus to me.

  3. Peppermint

    The reason for falcon doors is surely Elon had some childhood souvenirs from Lamborghini cars. These were a huge waste of money and time. Other than that, the X is a most impressive vehicle, don't compare it to a minivan because it wasn't intended to compete with minivans. Also, talking about pricing, 60% of the cost of an X (or of any Tesla car) is the battery. That's what you are paying for, not for a hyper high end luxury car.

  4. MAFBConcerts

    You could not add a minivan door to the Model X because there is insufficient horizontal rail length. Notice on your minivan you have at least an extra 3 ft for the door rail. Would you want the Model X to be 3 ft longer? I think not.

  5. Leon B

    Ok so now people are comparing Tesla to a Honda Oddessey.
    What is so wrong with the car that some people hate it so much. I love it and I don't find anything about it annoying.

  6. Kainthemain

    I have a Audi q7 2012 model and i have have that over the Tesla anyday.
    As far as looks its far superior, its masculine and good looking and has 7 seats. Only thing i would say about the 2012 q7 is that the interior is a bit outdated. Other than that a really nice car. Great for offroading also. Unlike the model x,thats actually a proper SUV

  7. Elizabeth McGinn

    Omg! And auto pilot. Adaptive cruise is not even close. Teslas have AI in a hive mind that learn from each other in an extremely rapid time period. The R&D involved is why these vehicles are pricey. What the hell has ICE created, yes created, in the last decade? Cruise control that follows the slow a@@ car in front of you until you finally notice that you are doing 54 in a 70 mph zone? Whoo whoo.

  8. Elizabeth McGinn

    As someone who owns a Macbook, I agree with you. It is sexier. However, the real reason I own a Mac is that is simply works. I do not have to learn computing in order to have all the components function. A Mac is great for years and years because it has almost unlimited updates, whereas MS is a hard drive glutton and a PC is only good for three years at best before it is a glitchy mess. Tesla is the same as Apple. Shiny, sexy and fun, AND it functions as a whole unit, not as a bunch of incompatible components. The service response to customer input is almost instantaneous. Without a high maintenance engine, EVs cost very little to maintain. Apple and Tesla are intuitive and made how people use them, not like the PC which has to be learned as to how it needs to be programmed.
    Frankly, the whole reason I bought an MX is the falcon wing doors and the massive amount of cargo space, otherwise I would have bought a 3. In my opinion, an X is a minivan, but a very cool mom mobile. I replaced a Mercedes ML250 with my Tesla X, because I was so unhappy with the bells and whistles in the Benz that did not work well. The GPS sucks. In order to use it, you have to stop the car to program it, or use an app on your phone, because that is so much safer while driving than telling the Benz to go to Mom’s house. I have to dig deep in order to use sub menus and figure out which to use. The controls for using menu items are counter intuitive. With a Tesla, it was designed for people to use intuitively, not for them to learn how the car wants to be used.

  9. Conscious Robot

    It's very attractive. I don't understand what anyone thinks is unattractive about it. It has elegant lines and the right proportions. It's sleek and clean like the other Teslas. It's exactly what it should look like considering it is part of a family that applies a consistent design formula across it's product line. They perfectly translated the signature Tesla aesthetic to a small SUV format, just as intended.

  10. Top Dog obedience

    You can fill a mini van up in a few minutes. It takes forever to charge a tesla and it gets old real fast. If you go on a decently long trip you're going to add hrs to your trip just charging the battery. Not to mention charging stations are almost impossible to find.

  11. tonelocrian

    I agree with the guy on the RIGHT – not the guy on the LEFT –
    it IS an attractive vehicle – & it functions for those of us that need maximum cargo space in a sleek design .

  12. Billy Beheler

    I don’t like all the Model X hate I mean the vehicle is original. If it was just another regular vehicle the automotive journalist would say “what’s makes this car so different from others” then they get a vehicle that’s completely different from the norm and this is how they act lol

  13. Totally Moto

    well the difference between a minivan is teslas are eco friendly saves fuel the engine can break cause the no engine its faster it can drive by itself it can park itself it can pick you up from a parking space

  14. MrNoName

    What can a minivan do that a Tesla cant? Not a lot but keep it fair what can a Mercedes do that a Nissan can’t? It’s the same everything out there an iPhone can do what a cheap $100 dollar Samsung can but the iPhone is more desirable.

  15. Denise Milfort

    I 'm just going to be blunt, I would love to see someone with children review the model X as well, with the children. It seems like you two just don't get Teslas period. Please don't do anymore reviews on Teslas. You come across nitpicky and just plain wrong. The minivan question was obtuse. Do you speak sustainable? Elon Musk supposedly was inspired to make this car because of his kids. It's like a super cool SUV. I love it! I can't wait to own this. I enjoyed watching the car maneuver around but not so much what the two of you had to say.

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