Tesla Model X – Problems & Build Quality

I discuss the problems that I have had with my Model X and how Tesla fixes them and prevents future problems. I also discuss the overall fit and finish of my early 90D Model X.

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44 Replies to “Tesla Model X – Problems & Build Quality”

  1. F. Moussa

    Who cares why Tesla is expensive?? When I pay 100k for a car, I don't buy it just for the fancy features. It should be all around a quality product. Your excuse for imperfection in this price range is mind boggling.

  2. Almeida

    The flawed logic of the consumer should not expect good quality and reliability from their $100k vehicle is absurd. Should supercar owners not presume their vehicles to accelerate faster than a Camry?

  3. Larry Brent

    "Like Ford and Chevy". Sorry dude, they both provide loaner cars for service visits that will take more than 24 hours. Typical Tesla fanboy that believes whatever crap they want to in order to think Tesla is somehow better.

  4. Peng Fu

    "I am a Huge Tesla fanboy and love the company, and this and that, but……" Why? Just admit that Tesla has been around for a long while and can not make a decent defect free car and turn a profit. And they are EXPENSIVE!

  5. Spencer Winston

    Great overview of the experience dealing with Tesla service centers. The 800 pound gorilla in the room though surrounding this Musk mystique revolves around the authenticity of any CEO associated with that seemingly staged cgi "reusable" rocket video. As an engineer, aren't you suspect of that SpaceX returnable rocket and spaceman pr stunt. If Elon is spending all his time with cgi video products to create that hyped staged production, he is not spending time on real world car service and quality control. The name musk alone refers to a snake smell, so I question why Musk is not addressing quality straight on instead of slithering into Hollywood swamp to make artificial looking space special effect movies.

  6. mrpmj00

    Tesla accelerates fast but it and electric supercars CAN'T STOP when you consider 60mph-0 is terrible at 125feet!!! A $20k Toyota Camry stops in 115feet. Gas supercars stop in high 90s ft. American engineered 2017 Corvette Stingray stops in 90ft! So, it takes Tesla 35 more feet than a Corvette to rear-end another car or run over someone?

  7. RayJ-HT

    First don't bash Ford or Chevy because based on the dealer you get loaners also. Not to mention with the price of a Model X you should be saying Benz, BMW or Cadillac. All of those brands do give loaners. It was just such an odd way to start out. All service centers do that exact same thing.

    Second what do you think a recall is? When the company notices that dealers are replacing something or finding issues they issue one and repair it when you come in for any reason.

    Finally while I admire Tesla also they are not years ahead of everyone else. They are willing to take risk that others will not. Benz and Cadillac have really nice pilot systems but they are not willing to risk as much quite so fast. So in conclusion what was the point of this video?


    2 things, 0-60 in 2.9 secs, who cares really and are you ever going to trust "auto-pilot"? How many states are going to allow this. If I see a Tesla on the freeway, I'm going to give it a wide birth because I do not trust this auto pilot idea. Tesla's need their own roads. If I observe someone on the freeway with their hands off the steering wheel, I'm dialing 911!

  9. James Thacker

    I like Teslas but damn they are junk. Every video that I have seen on the Model S or X the owners have had problem after problem. This is unacceptable for a car that costs over $100,000. MKBHD has one that loses power steering on turns. Also you have the right to be picky when you pay the money also the Falcon wing doors are a joke just something else to break.

  10. Kyle Neese

    “Buy a Tesla later, it will be better than the one bought now”….why should anyone buy a Tesla now then? You were literally a beta tester. No thanks, I’ll take a finished product

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