Tesla Model X P90DL on German unrestricted autobahn

My first run on unrestricted German autobahn. Unfortunately, the sound from the camcorder was heavily messed up by 3G/EDGE noise. So I had to use the sound from phone which is not the best. The noise level is much better than what it appears to. You can watch 2nd run video for a better impression.

20 Replies to “Tesla Model X P90DL on German unrestricted autobahn”

  1. Maartinjsh Shimis

    This video clearly shows that tesla is real american car – capable of dragrace but not capable of sustained high speeds – after all enthusiastic videos portraying model S as "supercar beater" I was surprised that it takes just a bit more than 10 kilometres for this car to turn from supercar beater into car which is, at best, on par with audi or BMW with 3 litre turbodiesel…

  2. ygg drasil

    4:46 when you hit nearly 250km/hr, if that happened in Australia anywhere except for one stretch of road in the Northern Territory, you'd get your licence taken off you on the spot, you'd be arrested and put in jail and your car would be impounded.

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