Tesla Model X P90DL – Fun Fooling Auto Pilot

Wanted to see what would happen on lanes where the solid lines are broken… Pretty interesting what happens, easy to fool.

This is AP v1.0

At the time of this publishing, AP v2.0 isn’t even on par with v1.0 yet. So disappointing. The videos that Tesla puts out are faked.

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  1. John Gray

    One other note of importance here…. While you definitely don't want AP changing lanes into the shoulder, it would not have done it if it didn't see another full lane to the left, regardless of the solid or dashed line. In other words, the system looks for two distinct criteria before it will auto lane change. First, the line must be dashed, second, it must be able to identify another full lane available in that direction. In this case, it sees a full lane to the left, albeit not a driving lane, nonetheless there is a full lane there when it tried to do as commanded. This can be seen on the instrument cluster at 4:37, 6:03, 6:08, 6:16, etc. The light gray line to the left (or right) of the lane you are in, detonates that AP has identified another full lane on that side. Keep in mind that, when you turn on the turn signal, the display will not show that next lane line marker. This is why you don't see it when you turned on the turn signal in anticipation of the broken shoulder line. But, at the times I noted above, you had AP engaged, and the turn signal not engaged, it showed that it identified the next lane.

    That said, this behavior is definitely still not ideal! But, because of this dual requirement, it won't change lanes into the grassy median, regardless of the condition of the shoulder line. Just please, everyone remember that, AP is a driver's aid, not a driver replacement. Cheers!

  2. Dogphlap

    Thank you for making this video. It illustrates what Tesla drivers already know i.e. you cannot trust AutoPilot. Having said that I use it a lot, I just do not expect that I can avoid paying attention, it gets stuff wrong too often to leave it un-monitored. An average driver plus AutoPilot is a safer driver than one without AutoPilot but you still have to be vigilant.

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