Tesla Model X P90D Auto Summon and Autopark Demo

In this video, I demo the Tesla Auto Summon and Autopark. The feature allows the Model X to open the garage and drive itself out of or into it.

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  1. ferkemall

    Mercedes Benz fit explosive bolts into the hinges in case of a malfunction in an accident where it might go into a ditch or a gully its triggered by a geo sensor does this have that ?

  2. Long Beach Comedy

    Looks fake to me. It's so obvious, it was the dog that opened the garage door when he got home which stands to reason that it was the dog who's backing the car out after he opened the garage door.
    Notice you never see John get in the Tesla? That's because it would have revealed that it was the dog opening the garage door and backing the car out in the first place. He had to let the dog out so he could open the door when he gets back to keep this fake video believable…

  3. bryan ledster

    does the car have to be straight om to the garage,or could you (driveway permitting) Park sideways to the garage and let the car sort it out to park nose or tail first into the garage?
    as said,nice car combo.

  4. Mystery

    Very nice car, but it looks way to vulnerable to hacking. As automobile technology progresses that is something that is going to have to be tackled.

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