Tesla Model X Overview and Impressions

2017 Tesla Model S P100D with Ludicrous Plus
Special thanks to Tesla of The Woodlands for letting us use the car to get the footage for this video.

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14 Replies to “Tesla Model X Overview and Impressions”

  1. James Loudoun

    Love all your videos guys! I'm a real Tesla geek & just accepted a job offer to be a Product Specialist here in London – can't wait to start! I'd love to see a kind of video podcast of the two of you discussing Tesla, their journey so far and the future for Tesla – I'd be very interested in that. Keep it up! James

  2. I___s3v3n3o___I

    Still gave a thumbs up and subbed, but it really does sound like just hating on the model X. Not really jealousy….but almost like you guys wish you had the X Vs the S, but don't want to say it (not sure why)

  3. nam sayn

    needs more showmanship. more enthusiasm you both sound bored like you're reading a script. a script isn't bad but say it with some meaning. What I'm trying to say is if you want to make a video on the tesla model x put some heart and creativity in it.

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