Tesla Model X outruns Audi SQ5 in Germany

I did a speed test in summer temperatures to see how fast my Model X overheated. It took just a few minutes of hammering to overheat the stators. The battery didn’t have time to overheat during the short run.

On my way, I also ran into an Audi SQ5. According to online sources, SQ5 does 0-200 km/h in about 25 seconds whereas my P90DL does it in 12 seconds. That explains why I was still able to outrun it despite having power limit.

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32 Replies to “Tesla Model X outruns Audi SQ5 in Germany”

  1. valentin sorin Tiru

    Guess what? Tesla is not for German free limit highway… I have only 181hp diesel engine but I can keep up at 220kmh without overheating for much more than the Tesla uses all battery. … Anyway is a nice start for electric cars

  2. C-rack

    a Dane blaming Germans for being slow on the left lane? mostly it's the other way … The best thing which can happen to you is a Dane and someone from Nord Friesland next to each other…

  3. AOTanoos22

    LOL very enjoyable video, thumbs up and subbed
    Edit: Its totally okay to flash idiots in front of you, who are doing 120 km/h on the left lane and see someone way faster in the mirrors, they should wait for overtaking just like i do when i see a much faster car coming from behind.

  4. Johan Smith

    It is interesting that you mention that most people travel at about 130-140km/h on the autobahn. That's true for most motorists in most countries, yet the speed limit seems to always be between 100 and 120 in most countries. Makes you think that governments do this on purpose to get revenue from speed fines.

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