Tesla Model X Interior Layout

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24 Replies to “Tesla Model X Interior Layout”

  1. Johno

    I've decided. I'm going with the 6 seat configuration with the extra centre console in between the 2 middle/rear seats with the black interior and the performance, P100D model.

  2. alexander takele

    I love the X but I am 6'2 and my friends are about my size so i am worried about the middle seat. I wish someone makes a video of the 5 seater with all the chairs fully reclined to see if tall people would fit comfortably

  3. AresZeus1

    I opted for the 6 Seat with Center Console/Arm Rest for the second row, which obviously was not available at the time this video was made. I didn't want the second row passengers to have his/her medial arm floating in the breeze with nothing upon which to rest it. It will be interesting to see how I like it (I'm not certain I will be in the second row very frequently) sight unseen/untested, because apparently the Tesla showrooms NEVER have the 6 Seat with Center Console configuration as the demo, according to the representatives at my local showroom. I do think I will like it. The only drawback is that one loses the nice ingress/egress to the third row seats…

  4. Lee Kent

    One thing you forgot to mention about the all glass roof on the model Ss. You cannot use the whispar roof rack system with it. Or any kind of roof racks. With the sunroof you can use the whispar roof rack system for more cargo capacity.

  5. Hoskme1

    I'm getting an inventory X90D for a great price. It has the 5 seat option. After watching this video I'm very happy with that choice. Mostly it is just 2 of us on long trips, plus or minus the dog. I went out today in anticipation of getting the X and bought a Soggy Dog cargo area cover. Should be perfect for our needs.

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