Tesla Model X HW3 Upgrade has no FSD Preview with MCU1! 😭 (applies to Model S as well)

Our 2017 Tesla Model X with MCU1 was just upgraded to HW3 (Full Self Driving Computer). What features did this unlock? Join me to hear the not so great news with FSD Preview and my joy at getting Tesla dashcam (teslacam) and full Sentry Mode. Applies to Tesla Model S as well.

June 30, 2020: UPDATE AND GOOD NEWS!! I just received software version 2020.24.6.1 and that enabled FSD preview with stop sign and stop light control. 😎👍

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13 Replies to “Tesla Model X HW3 Upgrade has no FSD Preview with MCU1! 😭 (applies to Model S as well)”

  1. Gatot1

    Hi, im debating whether buying 2017 X or brand new Y. If I dont have the full self driving one, is that still possible to swap from hardware 2 to 3 and do you know how much ? Because yours ia free, isnt it ? Thanks in advance !

  2. Terry Belanger

    My understanding is the AP HW3 sees Everything, but if YOU the driver want to see it on your Screen/HUD, you need MCu2. I am looking at cancelling my Model y Order since they are taking forever with the AWD non performance Red/White combo and looking at a used 2017 and above Model X with FSD. I am told that I will get the free AP HW3 upgrade, and will get FSD features, but if I want the visualizations on the HUD I will need to pay the $2,500 for the MCU2 upgrade. SO I am factoring this in while searching for a used Model X! Also, I live in Georgia in the US, so that makes a difference as well.

  3. Sam Moe

    Thank you for the video. So basically what you'I've just signed for FSD upgrade (i have model s 2018 mcu1 AP 2.5, with enhanced autopilot) and the Tesla technician was unable to provide me a list of functionalities I already have versus the functionalities I will get with FSD. He told me to sign and then I ll be informed on what will exactly change with the car. :/

  4. Jean-Pierre White

    Now you have HW3 do you get FSD features like dumb err I mean Smart Summon and traffic light control? The visualization is nice and all, but its the actual driving capability that is important.
    If you need MCU2 and FSD Computer (HW3) to get FSD capability that sucks and isn't fair IMHO. If you paid for FSD you should get the hardware upgrades to make it possible or get a refund.

  5. The Shaz

    Also had the HW2 to HW3 upgrade this month with MCU 1. I read on a forum that US drivers who have HW 3 and MCU 1 does have the stop light and stop sign capability. Not sure about preview visualization on the instrument cluster but its apparently due to map updates. I guess us in Canada will have to wait for that map update.
    I was also very excited about the dashcam feature…..until I tried it out and reviewed the footage. The recordings are very pixelated whenever the car is moving. Asking on the forums someone commented they had the same issue and once they upgraded to MCU 2, that issue went away. Are you experiencing the same thing?
    I'm glad to finally have Sentry record though as that was one feature I really wanted, so at least I got that.

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