Tesla Model X Falcon Wing Doors – How Close is Too Close?

I love the Falcon Wing Doors of my Tesla Model X. Here, I investigate when is a parking space too tight for the falcon wing doors to open.

UPDATE! It has been pointed out to me that it only hit on final space because the doors are set to always open to full at my house. Normally, at another location, the car would’ve prevented the door from opening and getting stuck, but being set to open fully by default at home meant this over-rode the system and it tried to open anyway.

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Future videos will include:

How much junk fits in the trunk
The ‘real-life’ range/consumption of my Model X on a road-trip
How to save ££££’s on a Tesla
Model X Falcon Wing Doors – Tips n Tricks
Why I chose a Model X
The 5 questions everyone asks about my Tesla
What my kids love about my Tesla Model X

Basically, I hope to make videos that will inform people about all aspect of Teslas, and hopefully help viewers in buying, choosing or living with a Tesla Model X, Model S (or other EV).

Of course, if you have any ideas for videos, please let me know.

18 Replies to “Tesla Model X Falcon Wing Doors – How Close is Too Close?”

  1. Wembley

    loved the video, your a lot braver then me testing the X's doors against another car… just FYI, you could have used a wheely bin, or 2 stacked… having said that it was good to know there was no damage to the other car…

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