Tesla Model X Eurotrip Norway-Greece

Taking the Tesla Model X and drive to the south of Europe using the Tesla Supercharger network and Tesla destination chargers. If you can not see the video in your YouTube app, you can use YouTube on your Web browser and watch it there. Not through the app. Or you can see it on a PC, Mac or laptop.
To get free access to the Supercharger network when ordering a Tesla model X or S, you can use this referral code :

23 Replies to “Tesla Model X Eurotrip Norway-Greece”

  1. Kitsos

    Jorgen, well done for an enjoyable video on your road trip. The content, shots, editing and music were excellent. I intend to travel to Greece this summer with a Model X but worried about charging between Igoumenitsa and Athens. Based on your experience would you have any reccomendations? Also could you charge on the ferry to/from Greece?

  2. Tor-Erik Skorstad

    Hola senår! Kjørte du med 75 eller 100 utgaven? Holder på å leke med tanken på en europaturne selv til sommeren med min modell x 75. Har ikke tatt med den på noen langtur enda, så veldig spent! Noen tips og trix til en spent trønder? 🙂 Knall film btw!!

  3. George Sinogeorgos

    Great proffessional video! I enjoy it!
    Thanks for coming to Greece I hope you enjoy your stay here (in Greece 🙂
    I am watching you from time to time from your friend Tesla Bjorn 🙂 (you told me Geia sou ti kanis kala efharisto in Greece through your live with Bjorn 🙂
    I am an one of the few (0.2% I think so) ev owners in Greece.
    thanks and see you soon

  4. Warlock

    …it is nice, but man, why should I go around, when I have like 300km through Serbia and 200km through Macedonia. When I saw this video, I tough you went old fashion way on motorway but you took ferry lol

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