Tesla Model X: Edmunds Tahoe Tow Test | Part 1

Our Edmunds EV expert Dan Edmunds, director of vehicle testing, tests out the 2016 Tesla Model X EV’s towing prowess while hauling a 1,500-pound Happier Camper HC1 fiberglass trailer. After all, this electric vehicle does have a tow hitch and a 3,500-pound tow rating.

0:38 – Let’s go camping
2:12 – First stop
4:58 – Detour
6:22 – Drop the trailer

In Part 1 of the test, Dan drives the loaded-up Model X along the Tesla Supercharger network in California, from Santa Monica to Mojave to Lone Pine, with an emergency stop in Inyokern because of range anxiety. This first day of driving 217 miles took about 8 hours.

Read about Part 1 of this 2016 Tesla Model X tow test:

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26 Replies to “Tesla Model X: Edmunds Tahoe Tow Test | Part 1”

  1. MA AS

    since the free charge is free for life, you can live for free with minimal spent only for food, and a gym membership for showers.i would not do this coz i wana be a millionaire but for those who do its a great choice.

  2. omniblast

    555 wh/mi is pretty good for that trailer! I'm surprised. I always hear over 700+ when towing. This is good to know. I wonder if the Bowlus Road Chief does better or worst comparatively.

  3. Dave Conna

    I see that the average effective speed was just over 26 MPH with all the charging included. I'll be that if Don had driven at 40 or 45 MPH, he could've eliminated at least one charging stop and gotten to the location faster overall.

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