Tesla Model X Doors Tips & Tricks

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20 Replies to “Tesla Model X Doors Tips & Tricks”

  1. Chris Paul

    The talk about Tesla being a premium car. I don't know if it really is, what defines the car as premium?

    It does have the premium price tag and it does have premium features, but the looks are nothing special and the build quality certainly isn't premium.

    I'm on the fence with this one. Here in the UK, the model X and S Class are similarly priced, the Mercedes is about £5k cheaper. The 2017 S Class is sublime and you can feel the quality, but having test drove a few Tesla, they felt cheap.

    Comparing the S class and the model X is unfair, because the S Class is combustion engine, but the S Class shows you where your money is spent, the Tesla just feels like a car that will start falling apart, it doesn't feel premium at all.

  2. Bert Troubleyn

    One small remarque: Subaru already used 'invisible' parking sensors in its Legacy Model about 6 years ago. It's not a first ever-feature, but I have never seen it in any other manufacturer since either.

  3. augsburg

    Wow, as a bicyclist that has had drivers and passengers open their car doors right in front of me so many times, it is frightening that Tesla has enabled a feature of auto door opening like you demonstrated. Maybe fine in suburbia safe in your own driveway, but parked along the curb in urban, city conditions, that auto door open feature is down right dangerous.

    I've had a hundred near misses with car doors and one direct hit. I can tell you it is no fun recovering from the severe injuries inflicted by careless car drivers and passengers. In my state, it is illegal to open your car door in front of oncoming traffic. This auto door open feature makes it impossible for the person opening the door to always be able to see clearly if traffic (car or bike) is coming.

    Wary bicyclists are looking to see if a car parked at the curb is occupied as they pass by. It is hard enough to see if someone is in the car (and might open the door) with the dark tint car owners install. At the same time, the cyclist is contending with cars coming up from behind and those drivers don't understand why the cyclists rides so far off the line of parked cars. Now, with this Tesla feature, the door might open with no one in the car. That is really a bad idea.

  4. Christopher Ngo

    Do you have the auto present feature on the front doors on? In our model X, as long as you keep the key fob on you, as you approach the car, the front doors will auto present. Kind of how the model S will have the door handles come out. It also has sensors so it won't hit anything close to it. It calculates where you are coming from and opens accordingly.

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