Tesla Model X at Fox News

Even when the TV station does not want to admit this, but the folks at this channel love Tesla as you can see from the video. Please support our channel and use our referral code when ordering a Model S or X. You will get free supercharging with it.

35 Replies to “Tesla Model X at Fox News”

  1. Guided Meditation

    Consumer reports says you should stay away from the Model X. It has been nothing but trouble from owners. Big Big Problems with the ridiculous doors. It is like a mega complicated answer to a problem that mostly wasn't there. And it doesn't even make sense even if it was the answer to a problem.

  2. Loui Coleman

    Haha, Fox News is a shit broadcaster, I watch responses to their vids from my home in UK and we all can’t believe the bias over there, the same is also true of other American news, but to a smaller extent.

  3. Godscountry

    13 thumbs down,those are those misinformed people that think electrics are slow,you can't drive anywhere and their going to take my restored 56 Chevy pickup away from me..Wrong ,you can own a Tesla or other electric and have all your drag,oval,dirt ,race,hotrods,collector cars,too.Imagine that.?Fox might have you believing the end of the world is happening next week too..

  4. Godscountry

    Only a fool would criticize what Tesla is bringing to the world market.Whether its a Tesla or a Toyota electric in the future,who care's,its a chance at redemption,don't blow it folks .Electrics do everything better..And don't worry folks no ones taking your fossil fueled cars and trucks away.we have 500 years of oil.But we must,by 2050 , commute via electric vehicles..Its not about global warming ,its about clean air,safety, and if by chance the scientists are right about global warming,your childrens,children's,children can live in coastal areas.I'd rather not guess about doing what we know is right .Clean ,renewable power for your home,vehicles and industry..

  5. Jefff

    They claim to be for capitalism, yet they hate Tesla. What other auto manufacture embodies that good old Entrepreneur spirit more than Tesla? And Tesla has paved the way for more companies like Lucid, Faraday Future & the rebirth of Fisker. Now there is no guarantee that these new companies will make it. That is capitalism, taking risk and perhaps changing the course of history.

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