Tesla Model X All Weather Floor Mat (Tesla Brand By Weathertech, USA Made)

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This car was manufactured in December 2017, If you order from Tesla or Weathertech, make sure you purchase for your manufacture date.

3 Replies to “Tesla Model X All Weather Floor Mat (Tesla Brand By Weathertech, USA Made)”

  1. Rob Newkirk

    Curious if the front mats ever flattened out more, or fit better once they warmed up. Fit looks good in middle & rear. Thanks for this video – like you said not a lot of pictures or videos on these, and I've been going back and forth on Tesla's vs. some on Amazon.

  2. Chris and Tanya Nicholson

    One question if you don't mind … I have the same 6-seat configuration as you. Rather than spending money on 2 cargo mats, do you think it would work if I just got the larger cargo mat (to cover the rear seats when folded down). For the few instances I need to use the rear row, is this mat capable of "hinging" so-to-speak, and still be useful for the far back compartment (without totally folding over and collapsing on itself)? Thoughts? Thank you-

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