Tesla Model X 90D – Ultimate In-Depth Look in 4K

Today I am joined by car expert Brock Frady… Check out his YouTube channel HowToCarGuy!

We extend a special thank you to an amazing business in Greensboro NC… Shine Shop Automotive!
Shine Shop Automotive does some amazing things to cars that will blow your mind! Their slogan is “Perfection Redefined”, Visit the following website to see what it means 🙂

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45 Replies to “Tesla Model X 90D – Ultimate In-Depth Look in 4K”

  1. Heli City

    All these electronics gadgets, complex computers and software, overly complicated operations to distract your driving. Not so cool when you're dead – more like very cold. The gull-wing doors a death trap for 2nd and 3rd row passengers if jammed after an accident. The freaking battery weights 4000 lbs, takes impossibly long to charge up in house voltage unless you spend $10k to install a Supercharger. So heavy the SUV ride like a Hummer. The grid has to burn a lot of fossil fuel to charge up this 4000 lb monster battery. Spend $100k for this SUV and you ain't go nowhere without a large network of public chargers close by. Better plan you trip like mad because the toll charge ain't pretty when you are stuck. The whole thing a complete maintenance hell after warranty – no 3rd party service shop will touch it. Go search pictures of Model X crashes and you will notice something Not Cool – every one had their wheel, brake and suspension assembly yanked out. Why? Way too heavy battery create too much momentum, snap off wheels like toothpick.

    Oh yes, try not to stupidly give your life to the whims of Autopilot, which is mere fallible software on silicon. You got a trillion nerve cell brain, use it. Its free and compute a billion times better. Like that guy in LA freeway enjoying the wonderful Autopilot, the way a Model X crash is particularly NOT COOL with half the thing gutted. Just ask him.

  2. Alexandra Sinclair

    Being a Lexus owner myself, I only ever saw Brock's Lexus reviews, he's always been great at explaining all the details I didn't even know existed in my car. It's amazing to see him review the Model X, as it's definitely a car I would consider buying.

  3. Selina P

    A exceptional review! I absolutely Love Tesla! These vehicles are the wave of the future. Thanks for sharing, there were many features on this vehicle I did not know it had👍😁


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  5. Amir Mohajerani

    look at the alignment of the door handle in 05:01!! why not aligned? I heard its gonna be a big issue after a while when you try to open the window! even in the video when he opened the front window it has a silly noise! I was in love this car but after reading lots of bad review about the car I am really disappointed!

  6. Isaac Oliveira

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  7. kenny kennysson

    If brake pads are not going to be used then the rotors are going to rust, the seats should fold and retract electrically reason is when you are paying for a vehicle that cost more than most luxurious makes then it is time to criticize the new age and world order vehicle that governments are going to force up on us.
    If I were to buy one of these vehicles I would definitely consider other makes and models reason is the price tag is way to up for this Tesla and when you are in for the market of a luxurious vehicle, Tesla is considered lightly by me, this is like the new and expensive Toyota Prius, trust me in a couple of years people are going to hate this vehicle I already do I admit, this one truly is one piece of shit for sale!
    *How about the big gulp it won't fit because of the navigation screen, and don't pull back on the lock just wondering how many kids are going to do just that! What if none of those customizable drink holders are going to be used at all….?????
    *Yeah right, arm rests sliding over your can of coke good luck….
    *Where are the actual center console storage areas, perhaps none!?
    Just some of the few things that Tesla thought about building a vehicle that is not well put together and full of flaws just for you.

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