Tesla Model X 75D MAX SPEED On Autobahn (battery overheat & will it autopilot?!)

Tesla Model X 75D MAX SPEED On Autobahn (battery overheat & will it autopilot?!)

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31 Replies to “Tesla Model X 75D MAX SPEED On Autobahn (battery overheat & will it autopilot?!)”

  1. Ouvert

    that is just how Teslas work .. you will hit top speed once for short time and than it will not let you do that again .. for example VW has higher standard and require cars to be able to hold top speed for longer time and to be able to reach it repetitively .. sure you only get like 124 mph … anyway who cares .. you generally dont drive faster than 160-180 kmh in EU so who cares .. specialy in EV car ..

  2. Marcel Goettel

    So as someone how often drives on the "Autobahn" that few rule mishaps are forgivable but at 20km/h over the limit it gets expensive and especially in a construction the limits are for a reason and try not to cross the solid line… BTW it's most likely not the battery overheating instead it's the motor. Last but not least it doesn't matter how fast you drive, if right lane is empty use it, there is no reason not to do it (only if the road surface is way smoother on the left side it counts as an argument for me but you're still breaking the rule).

  3. Cube

    @Tesla Driver well maybe u should cut the video around the construction site, since u were 39km/h too fast what would result in 120 € 1points and your licence taken for a month

  4. Benevolent

    Can someone please explain why autobahn has no shoulder on the left? In Central Texas, on a toll road, usually the fastest route, a shoulder's like another lane. For safety. It saved me when some crap flew out of a truck.

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