Tesla Model X 2018 review

Nedahl Stelio spent a week with the Tesla Model X to find out if it’s possible to have a superfast car that also actually works for families, so you don’t feel like you’re in a ‘mum’ car?

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42 Replies to “Tesla Model X 2018 review”

  1. Raymond Lee

    It’s expensive. How expensive. Would be helpful if you points out RRP in the every of your program. Also, if Australia is fair dinkum of going electric the government need to give out some incentives. Every other country does.

  2. Eric InCali

    Hands-down, best review I’ve seen for the X. One issue… Why deduct a star for the price? Seems unfair. I get that the X is expensive, but everything that’s amazing and best-of-class is… Thank you for the review, I hope you do the S and 3 as well!

  3. gardiros

    The Tesla does have a lot of novelty features – in fact the entire car is a novelty which will become apparent when owners need to repair them, replace batteries, or decide to sell them. Who wants a second hand money pit. Car manufacturing history is littered with "unique" cars that fade into obscurity.

  4. Dimon Limon

    Not only there is no real leather, it does not even have blind spot monitor which is a standard feature on many cars. This is despite all those radars that this car has but fully automatic driving was not approved yet. Also those glass roofs in Australia… I drove model S with tinted glass roof in Maryland. My head got really hot.

  5. Obieze Eze

    This was one of the best car reviews I have seen on YouTube, so refreshing to get this different perspective as opposed to the usual car enthusiast powertrain this, horsepower that, turbocharged whatever. It's a family car so is it good for families? Yes but only those who can afford it. Simple as that

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