Tesla Model-S Vs Jaguar I-PACE ( Head to Head)

In this video Tesla Model S and upcoming Jaguar I-Pace have been compared. Tesla Model S is currently the King of electric cars. It has been awarded car of the year two years running (in 2015 & 2016).
Jaguar on the other hand has announced the I-PACE. It will be rolled out in 2018 and will have a range of over 300 miles per charge.
In this video the specs are compared head to head to see which car wins the battle of luxury electric sedans.
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  1. Steve Hartley

    Jag has the edge over production and interior design. Charging at the moment is an issue, but with the ongoing installation of chargers UK wide is reducing the problem! Tesla has the edge but only teslas can charge at their stations! The installation of Ultrafast charging around the UK will bring charge times down a and thus range extension up for those long trips! Tesla also have a problem with batteries at the moment, admitted not big but they are not immune from problems! Its a bit like apple and their closed mind when it comes to anyone else touching their products and the availability of service stations if stuff goes wrong!
    Design wise Tesla is a bid staid! Its products are a little mundane and expensive because they have the market cornered at the moment! 2018 is seeing a massive upsurge in EV's by other manufacturers! ( as apposed to past years)

  2. Mark Bortis

    The image of the seats in the Jaguar near the end of the video are from the concept car and are not being used at all in the production car. Thank you for the comparisons. I like the fact more EV cars are now being produced! Go Jaguar and Tesla!

  3. David Black

    This is a terrible comparison, I-Pace compares to Model X, and using specs from the Model S P100DL is ridiculous. The I-Pace fully loaded in the USA is $87,490, and has OTA software updates, and Mobileye driver assist, higher material and build quality, better looks (inside and out) and it is 35% cheaper then the car it should be compared to which is the Tesla X 100D which fully loaded is $115K. Oh, and I-Pace out accelerates the Model x 100D, and stops from 60 in a shorter distance which helps it avoid accidents. I-pace also has better handling, higher tech in the suspension, color head up display that shows navigation directions, and supreme fit and finish. On the drive units, the I-Pace has a patented design that is more efficient in both energy efficiency and mass efficiency to the unit Tesla uses, I-Pace also has less moving parts, in the compact design. It is quite a clever design. I am guessing the person making this video is a Tesla shareholder, and getting a bit nervous as the competition starts to catch up and leap frog Tesla.

  4. John Morrill

    You kinda left out the important fact that the best equipped I-Pace can be had for $60 LESS than the best equipped Model S – which is still full of plastic. So, while the Model S is an almost useless 1.5 second faster to 60, you could literally have 2 I-Paces for the same money.

  5. Mikael Pettersson

    Nice comparison. But what about price? Should you compare it to 75 or 100? Ipace have some safetysystem included wich you pay extra for in tesla, like the autopilot and parning assist.
    The chargingnetwork is also a big deal

  6. Jefff

    He should be comparing the Model X to the iPace. That seems to me more like apples to apples as they are both SUVs. Now in this, I go Jag as I'm not a fan of the pigeon wing doors. I want to use the roof for carrying things. Now Tesla is much more experienced than Jag in electric cars but it looks as if the interior is much nicer in the Jag. Tesla interiors tend to be cheep compared to their European competitors.

  7. Neil Brandon

    Nice presentation. Good to promote renewable energy and electric cars.  

    I am a day one model 3 and i-pace reservation holders.   Also currently looking at a CPO model S as a stop gap.

    It would be useful to compare the everyday practicality of driving in European countries such as the UK where the roads and parking are tight.  How do the turning circles compare?   The Jag is far more suitable to the UK in terms of length and width.  It will easily go through narrow roads, and width restrictions.  The F-pace has a stupidly large turning circle and has stooped very low to follow the testosterone top gear trend of totally stupid large wheels and low profile tyres.. These make things even worse.

    The performance figures are great and in my opinion pointless to compare as both are incredibly fast.   The key point is that both cars offer performance and excitement that is as good as the best ICE super cars..  
    The rear seats in the jag look even lower than the Model S. So you could be sitting with your knees up in your face.. 

    The 90 minute charging time for 80% is simply not acceptable.  If it really is 90minutes then i will seriously consider cancelling my i-pace reservation.    The max time should be at least as low as the Model S 90D, not double the time.    

    Jag also is missing the use of the Tesla supercharger network.. Without that they are doomed, unless they strike a deal with BP or Shell…

  8. exigetastic

    I'm not quite sure some of these points are strictly accurate..

    Specifically the charging rate is based on 50kW charging infrastructure. Not until we see the production specs, and roll out of 150kW charging stations will we see if rumours are true that the Jaguar will charge above 120kW. If true the interesting point (as you mentioned, will be taper rates). If the I Pace behaves like other NMC cars, it may if anything charge faster.

    As for 0-60 times, you rightly pick the 85 pack for closest comparison, but the 0-60 time is that of the Ludicrous cars, which are in effect twice the price of the base 75 car, which is what the IPace is likely to cost.

    Tesla have recently responded to this by reducing the 0-60 times on all the non P cars to 4.3 seconds, so price for price the two are likely to come fairly close on the 0-60 metric.

    There will be some other things to look out for too. For example other Jaguars have 3 year unlimited mileage bumper to bumper warranty. The Tesla 4 year, but limited to 50k miles warranty.

    The final elements may be more subjective. The Jaguar may well have better steering and handling than an S.

    Personally as a current Model S owner, and I Pace deposit holder, I can't wait to test drive the I Pace.

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