Tesla Model S version 7 Autopilot Speeding Ticket Auto Steering Demo on Streets, Highway, Traffic

Extensive 16 minute test drive of the new Autopilot software version 7 from Tesla. We test the car out on the city streets, open highway and bumper to bumper traffic in Miami. We even got pulled over by the FHP, Florida Highway Patrol because the autopilot was speeding, 75MPH in a 60MPH zone!

27 Replies to “Tesla Model S version 7 Autopilot Speeding Ticket Auto Steering Demo on Streets, Highway, Traffic”

  1. Adam Ski Harvey

    I definitely would not be trusting my life and that of others with a bunch of silicon chips. No way. Glitchy, hackable, and subject to corrupted data. Stick with the old skool ways. I like to feel the car through the steering, pedals, sounds, and shifter. It tells a lot on how the car handles through a multitude of human senses. Some of these senses people have but choose not to use.
    Use it or lose it.

  2. silverserpants

    What an idiotic video. And your making money off it. Wonder if Tesla can use this vid as a defense that it's customers are too thick to understand "semi-autonomous" vehicle. It's an assist feature not a stand alone one. After seeing all these dumb ass vids, I'm not surprised at all the auto pilot deaths due to behavior like yours.

  3. Reapers Merc

    Tries to be a smart ass blaming the car, but in the owners manual it specifically states that during auto pilot mode not to take your hands of the steering wheel. And that you need to monitor the vehicle speed while using cruise control.

  4. Jose Andalon

    The car does not have a license to drive but you do. So you should drive not it. But if you are lazy and allow it to drive your liable for what it does
    So imagine if it kills some one your defense will say you weren't driving but the dead person is still dead because YOU weren't paying attention

  5. TRUTH Seeker

    so NO need for driver licence any more, this car will make a lot of peopel in government/ stats made as hell , No driver licence No need for insurance in future No traffic tickets as well with autopilot.

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