Tesla Model S “swimming” – raw video

Courtesy: Sanzhar Altayev

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This Tesla Model S can double as a boat for swimming short distances, as demonstrated in this video. Watch as the electronic car glides through a flooded tunnel with ease, leaving you safe in the knowledge that you won’t ever be caught out by flash flooding.
Sanzhar Altayev, a Kazakh Entrepeneur and CEO of successful tech company Almacloud, is also the proud owner of this particular Tesla.
He is an electric car evangelist, and President of the Tesla Club in Kazakhstan. His home city of Almaty, is one of the most polluted cities in the world and he is campaigning for a cleaner environment.

34 Replies to “Tesla Model S “swimming” – raw video”

  1. Joey Ackley

    sooo.. the dude is honking at the cop that I presume is stuck. Is he also stuck or can he just not go around? Either way why honk? Frustration?
    I'm guessing knowing Russian wouldn't give much context either.

    You can still hear honk! Wee woo wee woo wee as he's down the road

  2. Aria Carmela

    The wheels are on the ground, so I would not say it "doubles as a boat," though what it is doing is awesome. I have an electric car (Chevy Spark EV). I wonder if my batteries are sealed.

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