TESLA MODEL S ROAD TRIP: 800 Miles Atlanta to Houston – Will We Make It?

Thinking of getting a Tesla Model S, Model X, or Model 3? See how many supercharger stops we made during an 800-mile road trip from Atlanta to Houston. If you find our video useful, use our referral code to get $1000 off and unlimited supercharging for life (Model S or X):

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Ashley Renne ?

32 Replies to “TESLA MODEL S ROAD TRIP: 800 Miles Atlanta to Houston – Will We Make It?”

  1. Les Jean

    People people people please don’t let those crazy Tesla fans fool you. They are acting happy on the surface, but you know they are miserable with all those stops in an 800 mile trip.
    The fact is a 1500 miles trip in a model X costs $140 in charging fees and over 7-hours in charging time. In the same 1500 mile trip a BMW X5 costs $168 in gas and 10 to 15 minutes in fill up time.
    So please do the math!

  2. Les Jean

    This is restarted . There are always dying Tesla fans who will come here and tell you that long trips in an electrical vehicle is a good idea.
    The fact is my BMW X5 would get me there with just one 5-minute stop to fill up. I wonder if they are getting paid by Tesla. I know people who got rid of their model S at a big loss after attempting a trip from Atlanta to Miami. GAS RULES FOREVER!

  3. Steven Hill

    This is so cool. At first I thought it would be annoying to have to stop on a road trip but after watching videos like this one it actually seems like fun lol. I like how they placed the superchargers right at shopping and food. And did I hear that the supercharging station has free wifi!? So awesome. I cannot wait to finally own one of these.

  4. Wild Flower

    This is what I was looking for. A video like this. My family of 4 travel to Atlanta, Georgia once a year and like your trip mine is about 10 hours. I’m a bit on the energetic side (more so than my family) and I need to get up and move when I have long trips, my questions are: Since you don’t pay for supercharging how much did you pay for food/drinks for each stop? If a person has to pay for supercharging (your trip as the scenario, my state is $.21 kilowatt), how much would the supercharging costs be? Did supercharging make your overall trip feel long because you had to wait for charging compared to if you used gas? I’m still researching/learning about Tesla’s. I do feel overall that this will be the only car I’ll EVER buy again. I thought it was just me, but I’m so tired of oil changes, gas fumes (my husband pumps gas for me because it makes me feel ill), and the emissions that are hurting this wonderful planet. I actually thought Tesla only provided vegan leather in their cars (this is from your delivery video). I’m glad I found a woman who I can relate to regarding this car. I stopped looking at these videos for a while because they’re mainly men, I wanted a woman’s point of view. One of my other main things to figure out is my options (and which battery) I want for my car. I think you have a video for that too. I’ll be watching that one as well. Thank you so much and keep doing these great videos.

  5. Leon Ducharme

    I really enjoyed the videos from Georgia to California, etc. Also it really helps when you state how long and nearby stores. I will be moving to Georgia from California to be with my son in my retirement in a couple months! Any trips planned for the New England states? Thanks, Leon

  6. deluxluv

    Hey Ashely Renne, My husband and I want to thank you and Karl for all your videos on sustainability and living an eco-friendly lifestyle. We have really learned a great deal about the different options that pertain to a Tesla; so much in fact that we ordered our Model S today. We used your referral code and hope that this benefits you. Please keep up the great work, we look forward to your upcoming videos!!!

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