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The Tesla Model S was one of the first to make electric cars desirable, but its qualities come at a substantial price

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26 Replies to “Tesla Model S review – DrivingElectric”

  1. Sirkildalot

    Nice review but as an owner of a Model S (for 3 years now) I’d agree that it’s a brilliant car that drives like nothing else take issue with the comment re the infotainment system which IMHO is absolute rubbish and probably the bit that needs most work. After 3 years I still hate using it and find it horrible to navigate. That said I’m buying another because nothing on the market offers the range, performance and charging infrastructure of Tesla and I do around 20k miles a year so that’s important to me.

  2. Ray Heatley

    We have the 2018 S100D and while we are pleased with not buying gas the car rides rough. Almost all luxury cars made today have a much better ride and we have been thinking about trading this go cart in on a real luxury car.

  3. davidhindu

    Im not a Tesla fan boy but hate it when reviewers say that the material quality is not up to the mark. Is it the seats, dash, cupholders ? Dont just say quality is not good. Mention what about the quality you dont like so that it helps your viewers in making a car buying decision. Such a waste of a review.

  4. David Kent

    Great review. The Tesla Model S is still the best electric car in my opinion too because none of the competition to date from Jaguar and Audi can achieve anywhere near the highway/motorway range of the Tesla Model S. It is simply more efficient and has the only truly fast charging network that makes long range trips a practical proposition.

  5. tony n

    best car in the world in my opinion, jaguar's screen is small its disgraceful for such a price.   but tesla  gives you this  huge beautiful screen , light years ahead of all other manufacturers

  6. Kloko Loko

    That "build quality" proves 5 stars in safety from NHTSA! That build quality is almost 100% from FUD created fossil car competition and oil.

    This 2 model S cars that was burned couple day ago at same day is suppose to be driving force for stock market manipulation.
    What is $200 000 in comparison for 10% TLSA stock manipulation worth $5 000 000 000, of course with help of Trump who doesn't see where is future in transportation and his opinion about EVs!

  7. Neil Brandon

    Your summary of the S being in a class of it's own is about right.. as long as one does not get sucked into the world of fit and finsih. That aside the S is most likely unbeatable as long as you don't mind with size. It's huge and wide, although narrower than the i pace and X. If you don't need the size the the Kona Electric or E Niro makes great sense.

  8. sugarat333

    Bit disappointed that better mention is not made of the Supercharger Network. The ability to travel around the UK and Europe on the Tesla only supercharger network is transformative compared to any other EV.

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