Tesla Model S Radio, Bluetooth & Internet Streaming

Another Request video going over the Tesla Model S 70d (PH3N1X) Radio, Bluetooth and Internet Streaming portion of the Center Media Console.

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  1. Robert Steich

    Hi Tim, my Pioneer head unit does not auto play over BT with my iPhone 7+. Just like your Tesla. However, if it was previously connected and playing via BT. It will auto connect and auto play. Great example is if you would park and go shopping, just by turning the car off with out touching the radio or iPhone. Upon arriving back to go home, it will auto connect and auto play. Will the Tesla do the same thing if done this way?

  2. Joe Steel

    Hi Tim, I like your videos.  My S is coming in January. using the web browser what happens when you go to a web site like Pandora?  or for that matter, can you watch you tube videos?

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