Tesla Model S Picks Owner up in the Rain using the new Summon Feature

Demonstration of Tesla’s latest software resale version 7.1 that includes Summon Feature. We demonstrate the Summon feature by having the car pick us up in the rain so we don’t get wet!

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37 Replies to “Tesla Model S Picks Owner up in the Rain using the new Summon Feature”

  1. T1Oracle

    This is kind of misleading. The car is only going to move straight forward or straight back, and it will make minor turns to avoid obstacles. Additionally you have to be within 30 feet of it. It's not going to pull out of a parking space and come find you.

  2. S0CLOSE7

    So let me get this straight do I need to park my car inferno that porch on a straight line in order to brag about this feature? Does away works that's so awesome about this ? I think is kind on lame Is the car comes to pick you up from being On a parking spot and then I will be impress by your little Video only shows your car moving forward a few feet

  3. Justin Jones

    Video is deceiving! Car did NOT "come pick you up." You continued to manually tell it to go forward and also to stop. And you had to go out in the rain to demonstrate.

  4. Cody Terkhorn

    This is deceiving because it makes it look like you called it from a parking spot somewhere out in the parking lot. Did you or did you have it setup in front of the front door and then start filming to make it look like it came to you from out in the lot? Whats the point of that because you had to get out in the rain to setup the car to deceive your viewers.

  5. mef12727

    Misleading title/description well for the literal folks like myself. The car did pick you up,however you had to go outside to set it up in a straight-line; hence you did get wet.

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