Tesla Model S P85D vs Ferrari 458 Speciale 1/4 Mile Drag Racing + DONUTS!

It’s the battle of this time! Conventional engines versus unconventionally hybrid engines. The Ferrari 458 Speciale, equipped with an insane loud Fi-exhaust versus the most powerful Tesla, called Model S P85 D. These cars are the superlative of both categories. The Ferrari is customised by JP Performance GmbH. It sits on R3 Wheels and sounds like a good old V8 Formula 1 Car.
At the front 9J X 21“ ET40 with Continental ContiSportContact 5P 255/30 ZR 21 and at the rear 12J X 22“ ET47 with 335/25 ZR 22.
For this reason, we went to the EuroSpeedWay Lausitzring and tested both cars on a ¼ mile in a Drag Race. How it ended? We’re sure you’ll be surprised about the comparison. After the Drag Race, the insanely loud Ferrari 458 Speciale made some tasty donuts on the track.

Huge thanks to:

R3Wheels // www.r3-wheels.com
AKF // www.akf-shop.de

XS-Carnight // www.xs-edition.de
June 13TH 2015 19:00
Eurospeedway Lausitz, Germany


44 Replies to “Tesla Model S P85D vs Ferrari 458 Speciale 1/4 Mile Drag Racing + DONUTS!”

  1. Sergey Medzhidov

    В восторге от Tesla, учитывая что это не супер кар, динамика поражает воображение. Если появиться спортивная Tesla, эра супер кара закончится, ведь автомобили с двс, боже, это каменный век…

  2. JORGE M

    a noisy polluting fuel that has to end, giving way to the new improved as a family car that is overcome for nothing, $ 60,000 vs. $ 600,000, the ghost power is here TESLA….lol

  3. Tim Z

    Barely beat it and its the slower model. LOL. Probably did'nt need 110% throttle for the doughnute either. meh. Its nice to see some car/ throttle control. Haters gonna hate . LOL

  4. Blue Boy

    I Love Ferrari first off. Just saying for that Tesla to be driven from watts. that's fast. I think may be they were just showing us how fast the Tesla is. Real car people already know the outcome of the race before even watching the video. I was always wondering just how much of a kick that Tesla has, cause everyone that drives one that I see are always babying it a bit much. Very cool

  5. Aprilion Orange

    I've seen that Ferrari on a youtube Video (JP Performance), and two weeks ago in my Hometown in Germany while eating ice cream. It was driving with a stanced Porsche Panamera, 2 911 GT3 and another car I don't remember 😀

  6. S3 XY

    Lol Ferrari. Tesla wins at what matters, 0 to the speed limit. Acceleration is what matters for the real world, top speed is absolutely worthless as there are these things called SPEED LIMITS. And Tesla is quicker using NO GAS.

    And the Tesla is NOT a hybrid. Fully electric, how does a "car guy" get that wrong? All those fumes are clogging up your head pal LOL

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