Tesla Model S P85D Sets 1/4 Mile World Record While Challenger Hellcat Goes up in Smoke Drag Racing

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1/4 mile drag race video of the new 2015 Tesla P85D against a 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat. The 2015 Tesla P85D is electric, all wheel drive and makes 691 horsepower. The 2015 Hellcat is powered by Dodge’s new 6.2 liter 707 horsepower Hemi V8. Watch and the result may surprise you !!

We would like to add that this was the Hellcat driver’s first time at the track and first time attempting to launch the car. We’re also setup for a rematch in a couple weeks so check back soon for those results.

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27 Replies to “Tesla Model S P85D Sets 1/4 Mile World Record While Challenger Hellcat Goes up in Smoke Drag Racing”

  1. ztwntyn8

    From my decades at the drag strip and analyzation of many magazine tests etc. you find that when torque is made lower in the rpm range than typical the mph seems to be a little low. So like a 455 Pontiac may run 13.2@98 and a LS1 may run 13.2@105. What you are looking at is more torque at lower rpm. So electric motors make max torque at 0 rpm. So naturally the mph isn’t going to look as impressive in the quarter mile as a gas engine. The gas engine can’t match that torque curve. Torque is what you feel moving your ass back into the seat. Merging onto the highway you don’t need more than 80mph and the Tesla would get you there well before a gas engine that ran the same elapsed time in the quarter mile as the gas engine is playing catch-up after half track or a little before. Also the traction control on the Tesla is far superior due to motors not engines that you just can’t keep up when you aren’t on a prepped track surface and sure as hell would be exponential better on slick rain/snow roads than other 11 second cars. I didn’t like electric cars until Elon Musk started fucking with them. Now I see the benefits and it’s well thought out. I had gas rc cars/trucks but when I went electric I about shit. The torque is so easy when you ask for it….. no waiting.

  2. Carter Stokoe

    This is not a world record run, neither for 1/4 mile nor a production vehicle.


    The P-100 has, in fact, set a record….for acceleration in an all-electric vehicle, however a porsche 918 is still quicker.
    2 bugattis, 2 mclarens a porsche and a ferrari all edge it out on the 1/4 e/t's…and a new demon is .05 faster than even the new chiron.


    Sorry dude, the math doesn't lie, Mopar or no car. guy just cant drive

  3. Leonard Rice

    Internet keyboard warriors living at home 🤔.(It seems) 😄 Hellcat is more than ok for price. A solid, reliable, well handling, fun car that'll do 11s. Tesla is also a great car, but given performance per dollar or top speed? Go Dodge. I'm a physician, and guess what? I'm the proud owner of my 3rd Hellcat.👍

  4. [Nathan]

    clearly you guys have never been to a drag race. challenger red lighted so he figured he might as well show everyone something the tesla will never be able to do lol

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